Kingsport Police Field New Nissan Leaf Zero-Emissions Police Car


KINGSPORT – The Kingsport Police Department has recently added a unique new vehicle to the fleet.‚  A fully marked, black and white, Nissan Leaf zero-emissions police car can now be seen traveling the streets of Kingsport.‚  The Nissan Leaf has an advertised range of over 125 miles between charges, and can be recharged for literally pennies a day.‚  This vehicle was purchased in part by funds from a State of Tennessee Emissions Reduction grant.

In service now for almost a month, K.P.D.s Leaf marks the first completely electric, zero-emissions, fully marked police vehicle put into service anywhere in the United States of America.

The new Leaf is being driven by Officer Melanie Adkins, Kingsport Police Departments Code Enforcement Officer.‚  This fully electric vehicle is not pursuit rated, so it would not be a practical choice for use in the Departments Patrol Division; however, it is perfectly suited for Officer Adkins daily duties.‚  A photo of Officer Adkins and her new cruiser is included in this release.

This new police car is one of three Nissan Leafs in use by the City of Kingsport.‚  Kingsport fields two additional Nissan Leafs with one being assigned to the Water Department, and the other being placed in the fleet motor pool for use by any city employee in need of a vehicle for official business.

These zero-emissions vehicles are but one aspect of the City of Kingsports Going Green Initiative.‚  There are also over 30 gas/electric hybrid vehicles currently being driven by City of Kingsport employees in the performance of their daily responsibilities.‚  Furthermore, Kingsport is home to the largest propane powered fleet in the State of Tennessee, with over 40 propane fueled vehicles in service.