BMA to Ride Length of Greenbelt


KINGSPORT – On Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 3:30 pm, the BMA will depart to ride the Greenbelt.‚  This comes as a request from Healthy Kingsports Chair, Roger Mowen.‚  With the current extensions and upcoming potential grants for further expansion, it is be a good idea to have the BMA experience the Greenbelt, and learn more about the physical activity accommodations the Greenbelt provides.‚  This activity shows the BMA taking an active role in the assets Kingsport has to offer, and to gain first-hand knowledge of the importance of this linear park.

The starting location is at the end of American Way Drive.‚  Kitty Frazier, Director of Parks and Recreation, will lead the BMA across the 9-mile Greenbelt. The majority of the BMA will ride bikes, with some on a golf cart. The final stop will be at the confluence of the North and South forks of the Holston River.‚  The trail excursion will take approximately two hours.

The Greenbelt is a scenic fitness trail that stretches across Kingsport.‚  The trail has several historic sites and beautiful scenery.‚  The Greenbelt is comprised of four sections: Boatyard District, Woodlawn, Cherokee Grounds and Buffalo Grasslands. Most recently, construction is underway to extend the Greenbelt to Cleek Rd on the East end of Kingsport and to Rotherwood Bridge on the west end.

Healthy Kingsports mission is to create a community culture of healthy living by promoting awareness, influencing policy and enhancing infrastructure.‚  The Greenbelt is an asset for the City that Healthy Kingsport continues to promote and encourage others to utilize.