KINGSPORT – During the past few days, the Kingsport Police Department has received multiple complaints concerning a phone scam.‚  The suspect in this scam typically identifies himself as Officer David Welch with the Kingsport Police Departments Traffic Division.

The suspect tells his intended victim that they have run a red light and have received a citation from the Kingsport Police Departments Red Light Camera Enforcement System.‚  He then tells his intended victim that they can pay their citation via credit card over the phone in an attempt to obtain their credit card information.

The Kingsport Police Department wishes to caution citizens that this is a scam, and there is nobody by the name of David Welch employed by this department.‚  Furthermore, the Kingsport Police Department never calls citizens to notify them of a red light citation and never asks for credit card information over the phone.

Citizens are warned to never give out any confidential information over the telephone unless they are absolutely certain with whom they are speaking and completely confident that it is for a legitimate purpose.‚  If there is any doubt, attempt to verify or simply hang up the phone.

Anyone who receives a call similar to the ones described above is asked to report it to the Kingsport Police Department immediately.