Recycling is a free benefit to city residents.

Recycling is just one small way residents are able to impact their city. Not only does it help the environment and save energy, but it also reduces waste at the landfill and creates local jobs. Recycling just one aluminum can, like a Mountain Dew or Pepsi can, saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. If every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, the country would save about 25 million trees a year!

The City of Kingsport curbside recycling program began with 3 trucks, 3 truck drivers and a handful of blue 18-gallon containers for recyclables.  The immediate response from residents was overwhelmingly positive and soon, extra crews and trucks were being dispatched to assist with recyclable collection. The program progressively continued for several years leading the way for automated recycling.

On June 1, 2013, an automated recycling program was implemented. A change was needed with how the city collected recyclables, a determination was made that the best solution would be a single source system with automated trucks.

Residents who actually participated in recycling (approximately 10,000 residents recycled at least once per month) were able to trade in their 18-gallon container for a 96-gallon cart, the same size as the garbage can. The ease of use of the 96-gallon cart contributes to requests of residents desiring to be added to the recycling program.  Public Works has added over 3,500 residents since the inception of the 2013 program, and the recycling program has seen a significant increase in the amount of tonnage per household.

Currently, there are over 13,500 residents participating in the recycling program. The program is free to participate in and your new recycling can will be delivered to your house at no cost. Your recyclables are picked up on the same day as your garbage. No sorting is required. If you’re interested in taking part in the recycling program, please call 423-229-9451.

Recycling Cart