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On November 28, our friends and neighbors in Gatlinburg, TN sent out the call for help containing a wildfire that had spread throughout their community. Kingsport is blessed with a great group of firefighters who were willing to answer that call.

The first call went out at 7:17 p.m. on Monday evening and only 13 minutes later at 7:30 p.m, a team of five firefighters and an engine truck were already in place and heading to help. A new crew of five or 6 firefighters was sent every night for the next four nights. They worked 24-30 hours before a crew arrived to relieve them. All Kingsport firefighters returned home by December 3rd.

The Kingsport Fire Dept. had a total of 825 man hours assisting. They worked search/rescue efforts, fought fires, and assisted with clean-up operations.

Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd,  serves as the “District Coordinator for Mutual Aid” covering 8 counties and includes all fire departments and rescue squads. When the Gatlinburg needed help, he immediately took action. He coordinated and sent crews/vehicles to assist by working closely with TEMA (TN Emergency Management Agency).Scott Boyd worked tirelessly to coordinate firefighters and apparatus going to Gatlinburg. He fielded over 300 calls to set up the teams for deployment and handled over 1,000 calls during the week. He also left on Thursday to help in Gatlinburg and returned last Friday night.

Thank you Scott for your dedication and hard work!

Listed below are firefighters that assisted with the Gatlinburg fires.

David Chase
Warren Bishop
Jason Bledsoe
Luke Wood
Dustin Olson
Chris Lowe
Gene Lady
Eric Wilson
Wes Mann
Shane Warren
Jim Everhart
Chief Dye
Lynn Feagins
Shea Payne
David Hawkins
Todd Carter
Caleb Sick
Sean Broyles
John Hollowell
Jared Dawson
Jubal Roe
Jerry Reed
Jim Carter
Jeremy Pitts
Chris Corey
Bill Donoho
Adam Delph
Andrew Catron
Robert Brown
Jared Lindholm
Kevin Mitchell
Billy Triplett
Marcus Osburn
Ben Wexler
Josh Cox
Jonathan Seay