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Genealogy of families is not only important, but also fun to discover! During Family History month, the Kingsport Public Library will be hosting its fourth annual genealogy workshop series every Thursday in October from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The workshops are free and you do not have to register to attend.

The genealogy workshop series will feature three speakers on key topics of interest for those looking into their family’s history and genealogy. These topics are geared to all levels of experience and offer something for everyone, from beginners to advanced genealogy enthusiasts.

Speakers and topics will include the following:
October 4th and 11th:  Janie Sherman, Professional Genealogist:
  • A Re-Introduction to Genealogy:  Secrets From a Professional Genealogist

Fast-paced FUN, two-part workshop that will enthuse the new or seasoned genealogist alike providing not only a soup to nuts overview in genealogical process, procedure and organization with document examples and handouts, but will provide clues and insights that make research productive, professional and rewarding.  Bet you don’t know!!

October 18th: Joseph Penza, Archivist for Elizabethton-Carter County:
  • The World Wide Wayback Machine:  An Introduction to Historical Research on the Web

Want to explore what the web has to offer for learning about and enjoying the past?  This workshop will teach you how to use the resources available at websites such as the Tennessee Electronic Library, the Library of Congress, Google Scholar and eBooks, as well as some local and university archives and of course how best to take advantage of your local library catalog.  No experience required!  Let’s research and have fun!

October 25th: Jessica McNeely, Holston River Regional Library:
  • Tracing Hard to Find Ancestors:  From Females to Criminals and Beyond!

In genealogy research there are often ancestors that are harder to find than others.  Join us at this session to learn tips and tricks for finding your female ancestors, criminals, the mentally ill, and even traveling performers!

Visit or call the reference desk at 423-224-2539 for workshop details.