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The City of Kingsport is seeking input from individuals who frequently use the current skatepark for recreational activities such as skateboarding, BMX bike riding, or inline skating.

A new and improved Scott Adams Memorial Skatepark is going to be built at Brickyard Park, the city park that currently houses 4 ball fields, Miracle Field and adaptive playground. The future skatepark will follow the latest design trends and incorporate features to accommodate multiple user groups, as well as varied skill levels. The city is seeking input for the park to ensure that it will serve the community in the best ways possible.

Within the recent agreement with Domtar, the city acquired the 40 acres behind the train station, commonly called Cement Hill, and Domtar acquired the land that the skatepark and Cloud Park currently sit on. Domtar will also be contributing to the new skatepark construction per the agreement.

Currently, the city is in the process of acquiring professional design services, in order for planning of the new skatepark to begin this fall.  Public involvement will be an important aspect of designing and implementing the new Scott Adams Memorial Skatepark project.

If you would like to share your thoughts, opinions or just add your name to the list for future input sessions, you can follow this link:

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