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Search for the natural secrets of Bays Mountain Park with the Bays Mountain Nature Quest. This fun, family-friendly activity for all ages launches today as part of BMP’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Nature Quest is a free activity booklet that helps kids and their families explore the park through 30 different scavenger hunt-style challenges, from finding a beaver lodge to figuring out what fills the reservoir. Activities range from easy to hard, and are marked in the booklet with paw print difficulty levels.

Completing 10 items on the Nature Quest earns a prize! You can submit your booklet at the Nature Center gift shop to redeem your prize.

For more information and hints on the quest items, visit on your phone browser and keep it loaded while you hike around. Please note that internet may not be available in all areas of the park. Remember, Bays Mountain Park is a nature preserve: leave no trace, take only photographs and leave only footprints.

This project was put together by the Education Subcommittee of Bays Mountain’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee. You can find the booklet in the Nature Center, or visit to access a PDF version to print at home.