Bays Final Logo Brown

“Bays Mountain is our Crown Jewel and worthy of our Noblest Effort” – Jeff Fleming

There are many opportunities to shine and polish this jewel beginning the journey with your initial entry into the park. Upgrades and Modernization are key to keeping this the most visited site in Kingsport.

  • Bays Mountain is working towards a National Recreation Trails certification.
  • A new venue will be located at Lily Pad Cove to be utilized for weddings, parties and other events.
  • Update the Nature Center to include a world-class area with new animal habitats.
  • Create a new entrance for a grand first impression.
  • Add new amenities that enhance the overall customer experience.
  • The average annual attendance is 220,000 visitors, and there is room for increased capacity.
  • Bays Mountain has a desperate need for improvements noted in a strategic master plan that was developed in 2010.