City of Kingsport Water Filter PlantThe Kingsport Water filtration plant is a conventional treatment plant consisting of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration.The filtration plant was placed into service in 1929 and continues to produce water that exceeds mandated water quality standards.Click here to go to the EPA website and learn about the conventional treatment process.

Water treatment staff must be familiar with the guidelines established by Federal and State regulations and how they will affect the water treatment plant.Operators must pass an examination to certify that they are capable of overseeing water treatment plant operations.The City of Kingsport requires all operators to obtain their certification while working at the plant.The staff of the Kingsport Water Plant has over 100 years of combined experience producing safe and great tasting water for their customers.

The on campus laboratory plays an important part in ensuring the customer is receiving a quality product.The laboratory is certified by the State of Tennessee to analyze water according to their requirements and recommendations.Water is analyzed before leaving the treatment plant and in the distribution system before it enters your home.From the latest spectrophotometer available to the most sensitive coliform detecting method on the market, the lab is well prepared for water analysis.Water quality is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Over 14,000 samples are taken and analyzed every year, not including the numerous inline monitoring equipment monitored by water plant personnel.

We believe that those who are well informed are our best allies in supporting improvements necessary to maintain high water quality standards.Education is very important to the Plant.We offer tours to students and groups and do presentations for civic clubs and schools.In the future, it is our hope to build an education center at the water plant for students to further see water treatment in action.

Kingsport Water Supply
Kingsport treats water from the South Fork Holston River – our raw water intake is located approximately one mile below the Patrick Henry Dam and one half mile above John B. Dennis Highway.

The location of the intake along with the lake and the dam acting as a buffer, provide Kingsport with a consistent high quality source water protected from large swings in quantity and quality.

Patrick Henry Lake operates with a four foot variation between summer and winter pool providing Kingsport with a consistent quantity and quality source water.Kingsport did not experience source water shortages during the severe drought experienced in this area in 2007 and 2008.