The City of Kingsport’s wastewater collection system consists of a network of over 550 miles of pipe. These sewer lines and mains, which range in size from 6 to 36 inches in diameter, must be maintained 24 hours a day to make sure wastewater is safely delivered from your home or business to the treatment plant. A team of 19 sewer maintenance employees perform around the clock to ensure these lines are in good working condition through inspection, cleaning and repairs. They also make taps for new service connections and perform short sewer line extensions. The sewerage system is undergoing continuous rehabilitation to prevent rain-induced infiltration and inflow from entering and keeping wastewater from exiting.

Odor control is being addressed in two ways: Scrubbers are in operation at key lift stations where odors are filtered out with special media. The city also uses another method involving the introduction of a chemical that prevents odor-producing compounds from forming. Both systems have been successful and our goal is to address odor problems wherever they occur. Please call 423-229-9454 if you have a complaint.

In spite of the city’s best efforts, wastewater spills occur when sanitary sewer pipes become blocked, restricted or hydraulically overloaded due to excessive rainfall, causing sewage to flow out through manholes or back up onto private property. Most spills are relatively small and can be stopped and cleaned up quickly. Left unattended, however, overflows can result in property damage, foul odors, environmental problems and fish kills. Our goal is to minimize these overflows and keep the community’s wastewater collection system in good working order. Customers can help by letting us know if they see or suspect a sewage overflow. Please call 423-229-9454 to report a spill.

When applying for a new sewer connection, please contact the Building Department at 229-9393. An application form will need to be completed and a tap fee will be required before a work order can be generated for sewer maintenance to schedule this work. Depending upon the circumstances, a lateral construction fee may be required if no connection exists or, if one is present but the lateral needs to be extended to serve the property.