T.B.I. Report Shows Crime Rate Down and Clearance Rate Up in Kingsport


KINGSPORT – On April 27, 2015 the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released the 2014 Crimes in Tennessee Report.‚  This annual report highlights crimes, arrests, and clearance rates of individual jurisdictions as well as the State of Tennessee as a whole.

When comparing the 2014 data to that of the previous year, the Kingsport Police Department saw a slight overall decrease (less than 1%) in the more serious crimes known collectively as Group A Offenses.‚  The City of Kingsport also saw a decrease in the overall crime rate of just over 3% when comparing 2014 to 2013.‚  The T.B.I. calculates crime rates as the number of Group A crimes per 100,000 residents

One category in which the Kingsport Police Department has continued to show significant improvement is in solving crimes once they are reported.‚  K.P.D.s 2014 overall clearance rate was 47.45% which is an almost 6% improvement over last years clearance rate of 41.49%.‚  K.P.D.s 2014 overall clearance rate also tops the statewide clearance rate of 39.22% by over 8%.

To view the 2014 Crimes in Tennessee Report, please visit the following link: