Kingsport Police Officer Shows Compassion for a Child on a Rainy Day


KINGSPORT – Many area residents have likely already seen the included photograph or the accompanying WCYB news story, but for anyone who missed it, here is a synopsis.

On a rainy Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Kingsport Police Officer Seth Brumfield was monitoring a crosswalk in the Jefferson Elementary School Zone.‚  A young boy walked up beside him and was waiting to cross the street.‚  The boy did not have an umbrella or rain coat and was getting wet.‚  Out of the kindness of his heart, Officer Brumfield removed his own raincoat and draped it over the boys shoulders to keep him from getting completely soaked.‚  A passing motorist snapped a photo and shared it with several local news outlets as well as posting it online via social media.

When asked why he did it, Officer Brumfield said, He was getting wet‚¬¦he didnt have a jacket‚¬¦it was the right thing to do.‚  Theres a lot more to being a cop than just taking people to jail.‚  Please see the WCYB news story in the link below: