City Hall lobby now featuring the The Painterly Printmakers Art Show


KINGSPORT – The Painterly Printmakers Show is a wonderful exhibition of art by four local artists, and longtime members of Kingsport Art Guild: Kathy Hawk, April Jordan and Jane Moein. The Painterly Printmakers Art Show will be featured at the Kingsport City Hall Gallery in September and October 2015. City Hall Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. City Hall Gallery is located at 225 W. Center Street, Kingsport TN.

The Painterly Printmakers Art Show features monotypes from three artists and their various approaches to this fascinating art form that began in the 1600s and continues to today. They all began monotypes about ten years ago and continue to evolve. Monotype is a cross between painting and printmaking in which the artist paints or brayers ink onto a plastic plate known as PETG, places paper over it and runs the two through the printing press to create a “one-of-a kind” image.

A former calligrapher, Hawk takes her monotypes a step further by usually collaging them together, adding colored pencil or pastels thus frequently creating mixed media works.  She is a former art educator, current board member and past president of the Kingsport Art Guild. Frequently exhibiting in area shows, she has work in private collections throughout the USA. Jordan trained as an accountant, but has always been an artist having been inspired by her father who was an amateur artist.  As a former Art Guild board member she continues to study monotypes. Jordan creates monotypes on the plate often using her original stencils, plant life, or strictly with the brayer. The uniqueness, variety of techniques and the element of surprise make monotype printing her preferred art form. Moein has lived in several states and is a former educator teaching science and art. The creative surprise in every monotype has made it a favorite media where she often expresses her love of nature. She uses plant life, collage and her unique methods into her prints. All three artists are prize winners in area shows.

Public Art Kingsport invites all visual artists to submit proposals for exhibiting work in public art gallery spaces in the City of Kingsport.

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