2014 Tri-Cities Quality Forum set for Tuesday, October 14; 8:00-11:45


2014 Tri-Cities Quality Forum Tuesday, October 14;‚  8:00-11:45

Location: Toy F. Reid Eastman Employee Center

400 South Wilcox Kingsport, TN‚  37660

Cost: Free! (Public Invited; Bring entire team!)

National Quality Speakers presented in a regional conference

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(There is no charge due to the generosity of our speakers and sponsors.)

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Sponsors: ‚ Eastman Chemical Company;

Pals Business Excellence Institute; ASQ Section 1106

Come, Learn, Network, and Use to Create Value for Your Organization.

(Descriptions of the presentations are shown below the program.)

Descriptions of the Presentations

Keynote: Got Agility?!

Presenter:Tom Tull

Chief of Staff and Governance Liaison

Mountain States Health Alliance

Description: Some people want it to happen; Some people wish it would happen; Some people make it happen!!!‚  What makes the difference?‚  Mountain States Health Alliance, the states only three-time recipient of the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellences‚  Excellence Award, will share insights gained over the past ten years MSHA has‚  committed to leading by criteria in an ever-changing environment.‚ ‚  Key lessons learned will include leadership commitment, a fundamental understanding of the criteria for performance excellence, balancing the needs of the customer and the needs of the organization through multiple cycles of refinement, and the agility required to continue to drive success.

Title: Heart of the Matter ‚¬ Transforming Care in a Radical Way


Jennifer M. Eaves, BSN, RN

Cardiovascular Nurse Manager

Mountain States Health Alliance

Description: This project focused on improving the patients experience within the Stress Lab at Johnson City Medical Center.‚  By utilizing lean principles and PDCA methodology the team was able to re-design the patient flow process, coordinating staff with providers, and decreasing the patients length of stay.‚  The session will focus on the method used in transforming the processes and the positive impact it had on the team and other key stakeholders.

Title: Using Root Cause Analysis to Drive Improvement


David M. Jones

Vice President

Pals Business Excellence Institute

Description: Hand On Practice: This session will both teach you how to do basic Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques and will provide an opportunity to practice the RCA techniques learned on some simple examples.‚  As a result of this session, you will be enabled to apply on-the-job and at home some easy to use RCA techniques.‚  Identifying the root cause helps you sustainably eliminate or reduce problems at their source which usually results in the most effective and lowest cost sustainable solutions.

Title: Framework to Create a Sustainable Quality Culture


Steve Burkhammer

Operations Consultant

Description: This session will identify foundational principles for management that are essential for creating a business culture that depends on quality performance as a key strategy. The presentation also provides useful system models/thought processes and behavioral principles that are necessary for setting up business with quality as a core value.‚  You will learn about a framework that you can immediately use to analyze your organization to provide insights that will allow you to improve the quality of your products and services.‚  The insights provided will help you to design operations reviews that focus on the quality performance dimension.

Workshop Title: Using Lean: Getting Rid of Non-Value Adding Activities and Waste


Todd A. Overbeek

Barry Schnabel

Christy Bower

Sharon Collins Eastman Chemical Company


Description: Hands On Workshop: Got Waste?‚  Like to get rid of it?‚  Lean is one of the easiest and most versatile ways of doing this. It is about identifying and removing non-value adding activities.‚  Numerous organizations that have implemented LEAN have realized benefits in speed and quality while reducing wasteful activities, wasted time, and complexity.‚  This track will expose the participant to the core LEAN principles and techniques in a highly interactive, hands-on, and fun simulation. Everyone can apply it, both on and off the job. Leaders, managers, and process improvers alike will benefit from this experience regardless of the type of business you work in or the job you have.

Title: Keep Calm and Visualize (your data)S


Mark Ewing

Data Scientist

Eastman Chemical Company

Description: Hand On Practice: BRING YOUR OWN FULLY CHARGED COMPUTER (You can still attend this session without a computer, but to actively participant, you will need a computer) Youve got the data ‚¬ what now?‚  The key to successful data analytics and successful communication of the data always starts with visualization.‚  Come learn how to use the free tool, Tableau Public, to create impactful visualizations of your data and leverage those visualizations to drive performance.

Title: Strategic Planning Process that Simply Creates Great Strategies


David J. McClaskey


Pals Business Excellence Institute

Description: Hands On Practice: Do you keep having the program of the month?‚  Having trouble keeping your organization focused on the vital few key changes that need to be made? ‚ If this is the case, strategic planning may be part of the solution. Strategic planning provides a sustained, multi-year focus on the most critical changes that an organization must make to sustain and improve its competitiveness. ‚ It is so critical to systematic improvement and sustained excellence that the Baldrige criteria since its inception in 1987 have devoted one of its seven categories just to Strategic Planning. ‚ During this session, a simple and effective process for doing strategic planning will be outlined. Processes similar to the one being presented have been used by many of organizations of every type to do strategic planning. The process is not just effective, but also is simple enough that your organization, regardless of size, can use it.‚  This session will also feature a hands on practice of a key part of the strategic planning, doing a SWOT (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats) analysis.‚  You will actually get to do a SWOT for a small case study during the session.

If have any questions, please contact:‚  Katie Wood at PalsBEI@palsweb.com; 423-765-0334