To be a member of the Kingsport Senior Center, one must be 50 years old or the spouse of a member, fill out an application, visit the center and pay the fee. Our membership year correlates with City of Kingsport’s fiscal year, which is from July 1 – June 30.

Membership fees are due July 1 and cannot be pro-rated.

$25.00 Kingsport City
$45.00 Sullivan County
$70.00 All other counties


A visitor is anyone at the Senior Center who is not a member. Visitors are expected to announce their presence at the office when they arrive.

The Kingsport Senior Center recognizes two different types of visitors:

  • Prospective member:
    An eligible member, 50 years or older.
    The prospective member may visit the Center four times without joining.
  • Guest visitor:
    An individual who does not meet the age requirement but is an out-of-town relative or houseguest of a member.
    Visitors are not allowed to use the exercise room, the woodshop, or participate in any aerobics/exercise classes.