KINGSPORT — As snow continues to threaten the region, here’s a look at the City of Kingsport’s salt use over the past six years as well as a description of available removal vehicles and staffing priorities.

Winter 2004-2005  6 events  821 tons of salt

Winter 2005-2006  5 events  794 tons of salt

Winter 2006-2007  5 events  348 tons of salt

Winter 2007-2008  4 events  1240 tons of salt

Winter 2008-2009  7 events  1365 tons of salt & 1850 gallons calcium chloride

Winter 2009-2010  9 events  4076 tons of salt & 2100 gallons calcium chloride

 6 year total  36 events  8644 tons of salt

 Six year average 6 events 1441 tons of salt

As of January 26th, 2011, Public Works had responded to eight snow events, using about 2,417 tons of salt and 3,500 gallons of liquid calcium chloride. Kingsport currently stocks 600+ tons of salt.

About 60 Public Works employees work 12-hour shifts during every snow event. Kingsport has 420 lane miles of roads. To maintain these roads, the City has 24 vehicles ready for snow removal, including: 10 four-wheel drive‚ pickups with snow plows and salt spreaders; nine single-axle dump trucks equipped with plows and salt spreaders; four similarly equipped tandem-axle dump trucks; and one single-axle dump truck with a snow plow and Liquid Brine tank.

If conditions warrant, City crews pre-treat roadways up to 36 hours before a storm arrives.

Given available salt supplies, city crews will focus on Priority I and Priority II roads, as well as neighborhoods with steep terrain. Storm responses can vary, particularly in severe events, or in response to situations as they arise on the ground.