To find out when your garbage, recycling and yard waste pick up days are, please visit the homepage and click on the MY icon, the My Kingsport function. Enter your address in the search bar on the My Kingsport feature and the results will reflect information related to your residence.

Gray w/black lid, 96 gallon roll-out carts are utilized for garbage collection to Kingsport residents.


Place your bagged garbage inside your cart and on your pick-up day, place the cart at the curb, 3 feet from any stationary object. Make sure to place the cart so the lid opening faces the street.

Every household is provided one garbage cart and one recycling cart for an $8.00 per month sanitation fee; additional carts may be purchased for $60.00 each, with an additional $8.00 per cart per month fee.

Additional carts may be purchased for $60.00 per cart, with an additional $8.00 per month per cart fee.  Additional cart requests may be made by calling 423-229-9416.

All garbage must be placed in your gray garbage cart for collection. Items placed outside the cart will not be picked up.

Garbage includes: weekly household refuse (food, food containers, organic waste, clothing)

Trash includes:  brush, bagged leaves and grass clippings generated by the resident, furniture, appliances, small amounts of building materials, and up to four tires off the rims

The City will not pick up contractor generated waste, as well as batteries, paint and paint products, butane and gas tanks, dead animals, hazardous liquids / materials, and infectious materials.

Carpet: $25.00 per pick up

Building materials: $82.00 per ton.

Once items are placed at the curb, you have agreed to be billed by the City for the collection service.

recycle-cartRecyclable materials

  • Newspapers and other paper items (except brown paper)
  • Plastics with the numbers 1 through 7 on the bottom
  • Cardboard (broken down to fit in the cart)
  • Tin or aluminum cans
  • Used motor oil (5 gallon containers only)

Note: Please rinse all containers before placing in recycling cart.

Back door service is a paid garbage pick-up where the City will collect your garbage at your door.  The fee for this service is $264.00 per year.  Information referencing disability and low-income waivers or reduction in fees may be obtained by calling  Customer Service at (423) 229-9416.

Leaf season runs from the middle of October through the middle of January.  After that, you must bag your leaves and place them with the rest of your trash.  The city does not provide bags.

Animal complaints should be directed to Animal Control, which operates through the animal shelters or at the direction of Sullivan County Sheriff’s office.

SBK (Sullivan, Bluff City, Kingsport) Animal Control Centers:

(423) 279-2741 (Blountville)

(423) 247-1671 (Kingsport)


***Please note: SBK is closed on Wednesday and Sunday.***

Yes, these items may be placed with your yard waste. If you need these picked up prior to your yard waste collection day, please call 229.9451 to schedule a pickup.

To find out your next yard waste collection date, please visit the homepage and click on the MY Kingsport icon. Search for your address and locate the date.