The goal of the Kingsport Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy is to foster a better relationship between the community and the police department. We envision that graduates will gain an understanding of the operation of the police department and develop an awareness and appreciation of the various challenges and decisions faced every day by Kingsport police officers. With each graduating class, the list of prospective goodwill ambassadors continues to grow. Citizens’ Academy alumni have increased the public’s interest in the academy and our police department by the many positive comments they have made throughout the community.

We have now conducted a total of 32 academies with over 518 graduates since the implementation of the program in 1993. Graduates have included mayors, other members of city government, physicians, clergy, teachers, business owners, high school students, police explorers, family members of police officers, members of the media, as well as other citizens in general. An additional benefit to the agency is the development of a pool of candidates for our volunteer program. Invariable, the Citizens’ Academy generates an active interest in continued contact with the department. Many of our students go on to volunteer extensively, and several have been hired as full-time employees. The police department is looking forward to continuing this program.

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