KPD e-News Release: Recently Released Serial Stalker Believed to Be Engaged in Similar Behavior Again

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SUBJECT: Recently Released Serial Stalker Believed to Be Engaged in Similar Behavior Again
DATE: January 25, 2016
CASE #: 16-001280


Convicted serial stalker, Albert J. Toronjo, who plagued the Kingsport area from 2012-2014, has recently been released from jail and placed on probation. During the course of their investigation into Mr. Toronjo’s socially aggressive behavior, the Kingsport Police Department received complaints from as many as 100 separate potential victims.

Mr. Toronjo entered into a universal guilty plea agreement in September 2014 on the charges of Stalking and Violation of Probation on a previous Burglary conviction. He has been incarcerated on that conviction since that time until his recent release on January 14, 2016. Unfortunately, however, it appears that he may already be up to his old antics again.

Within one week of his release, the Kingsport Police Department already received two new complaints regarding Mr. Toronjo. On January 19, 2016 one of Mr. Toronjo’s prior victims filed a report with the Kingsport Police Department regarding him unlawfully trespassing on her property. And on January 21, 2016 an area business filed a report with K.P.D. regarding Mr. Toronjo making unwelcomed advances toward a female employee.

His “modus operandi” (method of operation) is believed to be the same as before. He has been known to:

1) Pose as a handyman looking for work.

2) Use “hire it done” services to mask his true intentions.

3) Hand out flyers.

4) Go door to door soliciting work, conversation, friendship, and relationships.

5) Drive through neighborhoods and make unsolicited contact with unsuspecting victims who are working outside in their yards.

6) Be very quick to be socially aggressive.

7) Make sexual innuendos without provocation.

8) Prefer victims who are older, widowed, or single women who live alone.

9) Use garage/yard sales as an opportunity for initial contact with victims.

10) Sit in his vehicle at the curb outside victims’ homes.

11) Persistently drive by his victims’ homes.

12) Persistently harass his victims via telephone.

13) “Groom” his victims over time or simply wear them down with persistence.

14) Mention “having coffee” in an attempt to gain access to victims’ homes.

The K.P.D. Criminal Investigations Division is currently investigating these new allegations against Mr. Toronjo. In the meantime, citizens are urged to familiarize themselves with his methodology, exercise appropriate caution, and report any encounters with him of this nature to the Kingsport Police Department immediately.

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A photograph and description of Mr. Toronjo have been included in this release as well.

Name Albert Joseph Toronjo
Age Date of Birth 12/19/50

65 Years of Age

Gender/Race Male/White


5 feet, 5 inches

150 pounds



Gray Hair

Brown Eyes

Last Known Address 1608 Redwood Street

Kingsport, TN

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit