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Minimum Subdivision Regulations

A hard copy of the Minimum Subdivision Regulations is on file at the office of the Planning Department. Please contact the Planning office at (423) 229-9485. If you would like to review the hard copy, you may stop by the office between the hours of 8-5pm Monday through Friday.

City Code Online

The zoning ordinance can be found under Chapter 114 Zoning.

Chapter 114, Zoning, is updated by the Planning Division with approved ordinance changes by the Planning Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Changes since codification are listed below. Connect to link “City Code Online” for the official codified ordinances.

Latest version of the Kingsport Engineering Design Standards

For specific regulations for the Historic Zoning Commission, please visit Historic Zoning Commission.

For specific regulations for the Board of Zoning Appeals, please visit Board of Zoning Appeals.

For specific regulations for the Gateway Review Commission, please visit Gateway Review Commission.