When an area is annexed into the city, a plan of services is created to provide new city services and amenities to the area. A plan of services is an agreement between the city and new residents being brought into the city as to what they’ll receive in the context of city services. The plan includes, but is not limited to, water upgrades, sewer upgrades and street lighting, along with a time frame for completion of all projects.  A plan of services must be completed within its specified time frame of the start date, and currently, all city plan of services for new areas are either fulfilled or scheduled to be completed on time to comply with the specified completion date.

Rock Springs is an area that has received much attention over the last ten years. In addition to sewer and water upgrades, a new school, John Adams Elementary School, and Fire Station #7 were built to service the area.

Colonial Heights is the area receiving the most attention with regard to completing its plan of services. Waterline upgrades and installation of fire hydrants are being completed, along with major sewer upgrades.  Currently, the upgrades are in Phase 3 of 5 with the anticipated completion date of all five phases being November 2017.

In order to better inform residents affected by the sewer upgrades in Colonial Heights, the city mailed a letter to each resident affected by the project to provide an update and analysis of the sewer upgrade project phases. Information included items such as construction start date and timeline to completion, how construction will affect emergency and city services and what to do if your property gets unforeseen damage from the construction.

If you have questions about the plan of services for Colonial Heights or Rock Springs areas, please contact Ken Weems, zoning administrator, at 423-229-9368 or email kenweems@kingsporttn.gov. If you have questions about the current sewer and water projects in these areas, please contact Hank Clabaugh, city engineer, at 423-229-9475 or email hankclabaugh@kingsporttn.gov.