Melanie Adkins - Highlighting Heroes

Melanie Adkins

Melanie Adkins is the first city employee to be highlighted by the campaign. She is the sole person in the Code Enforcement department and a vital part of maintaining and improving the beautification of the City of Kingsport. This means violations, such as houses looking like junkyards, abandoned and foreclosed properties, as well as homes that have remained unmaintained for weeks or even months at a time, have become her primary focus.

These large-scale infractions within our city limits affect more of the community in its entirety than the smaller infractions, and have therefore become the top priority of this city department. While there are many violations, the limited resources provided to this department, combined with the strong growth within the city, have steered this program to work avidly on improving the more significant infractions.

“We have made great progress in Kingsport in the area of Code Enforcement. When properties are cleaned up, dilapidated buildings are demolished or new structures are built, there is a renewed sense of pride in the community,” commented Code Enforcement Coordinator Melanie Adkins.

Codes enforcement used to cater more towards individual complaints and minor aggravations that had a very minimal effect on the community. Now, as the community has changed and grown, the focus of codes enforcement has become more strongly directed at improving the community as a whole.

By beautifying our city, Adkins and the communities she serves are not only making their environment a cleaner, more attractive space, but also contributing the overall attractiveness that Kingsport is striving to reach.