Kingsport Police Department

Press Release

Incident Information

Type of Incident Severe Storm Information (Shelter Update)
Date & Time July 17, 2013

8:55 PM

Location of Incident City of Kingsport

General Narrative

UPDATE: The Civic Auditorium and the Kingsport Community Church of God are no longer being utilized as temporary shelters.

The Red Cross has set up a permanent shelter at the Lynn View Community Center, located at 257 Walker Street in the Lynn Garden area of Kingsport.

Again, the Lynn View Community Center is now the official storm shelter to be utilized.

A severe thunderstorm has swept through the City of Kingsport over the past few hours. This storm has included moderately strong winds, significant lightning activity, and massive amounts of rainfall over a short period of time.

Public safety personnel from Police, Fire, and E.M.S., as well as staffing from Public Works are working non-stop to address all areas of concern as rapidly as possible.

Severe flooding is widespread throughout various parts of the city with the downtown area being the most significantly affected.

Many roadways are impassable. Citizens are asked to please not drive into standing water and to obey all traffic officers’ directions as well as all closed road and detour signage.

Multiple individuals have already had to be rescued from flooded buildings as well as from vehicles trapped in rising water.

Power outages, gas leaks, alarms, trees down and other debris in roadways, landslides, and roadway washouts have all been reported.

Again, emergency services personnel are investigating and addressing all of these reports as they come in.

All Fun Fest activities for this evening have been cancelled, and all of the additional officers who were assigned to work those events have been redeployed to assist with incidents related to the storm.

Anyone who is safe at home, is strongly encouraged to stay there.

Citizens are asked to please use discretion and reserve 911 calls for true emergencies.

Updated information will be released as it surfaces.

Ptl. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit

Releasing Officer Ptl. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit