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SUBJECT: Major Downtown Power Outage Temporarily Affects Kingsport 9-1-1
DATE: March 25, 2016
On March 25, 2016 at approximately 5:45 AM, Downtown Kingsport experienced a major power outage, which at the time of this release remains in effect. Shortly thereafter, the computer, radio, and phone systems at the Kingsport Emergency Communications Center failed to automatically switch over to backup generator power as designed, which caused those systems to temporarily shut down.

Fortunately, additional fail safes are in place in preparation for these circumstances, and 9-1-1 calls are still being answered. 9-1-1 calls were automatically re-routed to Sullivan County Dispatch, and Kingsport 9-1-1 immediately activated a backup 9-1-1 station. Technicians are currently in the process of getting the primary systems at the Kingsport Emergency Communications Center back operational.

During the transition, the possibility exists that there may have been a brief window of time where a small number of 9-1-1 calls may have been unanswered or delayed, and the Kingsport Emergency Communications Center apologizes for and regrets any inconvenience or alarm this may have caused.

In the extremely rare event that someone is unable to reach Kingsport 9-1-1 due to circumstances such as this, citizens are encouraged to call any of the Kingsport Fire Stations directly to report their emergency. Again, these numbers should only be utilized to report emergencies in the unlikely event that 9-1-1 is out of service. The phone numbers for the eight Kingsport Fire Stations are listed below:

Station 1 (Downtown Kingsport): 423-229-9441

Station 2 (Fort Henry Drive): 423-229-9442

Station 3 (Memorial Boulevard): 423-229-9443

Station 4 (West Stone Drive): 423-229-9445

Station 5 (Lynn Garden Drive): 423-224-2443

Station 6 (Colonial Heights): 423-239-1110

Station 7 (Rock Springs Road): 423-349-5337

Station 8 (East Stone Drive): 423-343-9738

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit