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SUBJECT: Kingsport Police, Wellmont, and City Schools Team Up for Educational D.U.I. Prevention Event at Dobyns Bennett High School
DATE: March 23, 2016
On Thursday, March 24, 2016 the Kingsport Police Department will be partnering with Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center and the Kingsport City Schools to debut a new educational D.U.I. prevention initiative. It is widely recognized that Driving Under the Influence is a leading contributor to traffic crashes and their resulting injuries and fatalities. Kingsport law enforcement, healthcare, and educational professionals are working together to help prevent future occurrences of D.U.I.

This initial event will take place throughout the school day between 7:45 AM and 2:45 PM on the Driver’s Education driving range at Dobyns Bennett High School. Several hundred high school students will be given the opportunity to drive pedal-powered go-carts through an obstacle course while wearing specially designed goggles that mimic the effects of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This simulation is designed to provide a true eye-opening experience for these students in a safe and controlled environment.

The carts and goggles being used were recently purchased from Drunk Busters of America, LLC using monies from Holston Valley Medical Center’s Testerman Injury Prevention Fund initiated by local Trauma Surgeon, Dr. George Testerman. Dr. Testerman developed this fund after all-too-often witnessing first-hand in the emergency room the aftermath of D.U.I. related motor vehicle collisions. This program is designed to educate the next generation of drivers on the consequences of engaging in this reckless, illegal, and potentially deadly behavior.

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Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

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