KINGSPORT – This coming Saturday, November 22, 2014, the Kingsport Christmas Parade and the Santa Special AniMile and 1-Mile Human Race may result in Downtown traffic congestion and delays.‚  The 1-Mile Human Race is scheduled to begin at 2:45 PM, with the Santa Special AniMile to start at 2:50 PM, and the Christmas Parade to follow at 3:15 PM.‚  In the same time frame, the Santa Train is due to arrive at 3:08 PM.

These events will result in several temporary road closures in the Downtown Kingsport area including sections of the following streets:

1)‚ ‚  Center Street

2)‚ ‚  Market Street

3)‚ ‚  Main Street

4)‚ ‚  Cherokee Street

5)‚ ‚  Clay Street

6)‚ ‚  Wexler Street

A course map of the Santa Special AniMile and 1-Mile Human Race has been included in this release.‚  For more information, please visit the following link:

Area motorists not planning on participating in these events should plan ahead and seek an alternate route to avoid congestion and delays.‚  Motorists traveling in the vicinity of the affected area are asked to exercise courtesy and patience, follow all detours, obey all traffic instructions, and keep a cautious eye out for pedestrians, cyclists, and slow moving vehicles.