There’s Only One

These are the top city projects happening right now. These projects, while not funded through ONEKingsport, support our goal of attracting and retaining residents, visitors, businesses and developers. Believe it or not, the term OneKingsport has been around a really, really long time. The earliest recorded memory of OneKingsport was back in 1949 as it was the cover of a Kingsport Chamber Annual Report. The title across the cover of the book said “There’s only OneKingsport.” This is true…there’s literally only ONE Kingsport in the entire United States. Several Bristol’s, Johnson City’s, Knoxville’s and Nashville’s exist, but there’s only OneKingsport.

Kingsport Raw Water Project – COMPLETE

The purpose of the Raw Water Intake Project is to ensure a safe, reliable and continuous supply of drinking water to meet the needs of our current customers and for generations to come. It includes construction of a new raw water tunnel and a new raw water pump station at the water treatment plant, eliminating […]

Reedy Creek Sewer Line Development

Reedy Creek Sewer Trunkline

Later this year, Kingsport will launch a major sewer project in the downtown area, replacing a decades old trunk line that stretches from Lovedale Drive to the city’s wastewater treatment facility. Though the 15-month project will likely cause traffic delays for motorists, city officials say the work will greatly alleviate overflow issues the current pipe […]

Indian Trail Drive Extension

The largest general fund item on the list is $3.8 million for the extension of Indian Trail Drive, from where it ends behind the Kmart Supercenter over to Eastman Road at the intersection with Reedy Creek Terrace. Eastman Road and Stone Drive is the busiest intersection in Kingsport, with thousands of motorists passing through to […]

Colonial Heights Phase II, III, and IV Sewer and Water – COMPLETE

When an area is annexed into the city, a plan of services is created to provide new city services and amenities to the area. A plan of services is an agreement between the city and new residents being brought into the city as to what they’ll receive in the context of city services. The plan […]

Centennial Park – COMPLETE

As the Kingsport Centennial approaches in 2017, Kingsport Community Foundation is collaborating with the City of Kingsport Centennial Commission to accomplish the Centennial Park Project. Celebrating the Kingsport Spirit, Kingsport’s Centennial Park will provide a unique destination and link to downtown Kingsport that commemorates the community’s past, present and future. View the Centennial Park Brochure.