There’s Only One

These are the top city projects happening right now. These projects, while not funded through ONEKingsport, support our goal of attracting and retaining residents, visitors, businesses and developers. Believe it or not, the term OneKingsport has been around a really, really long time. The earliest recorded memory of OneKingsport was back in 1949 as it was the cover of a Kingsport Chamber Annual Report. The title across the cover of the book said “There’s only OneKingsport.” This is true…there’s literally only ONE Kingsport in the entire United States. Several Bristol’s, Johnson City’s, Knoxville’s and Nashville’s exist, but there’s only OneKingsport.

neighborhood commission logo

Love Where You Live The Housing Workgroup from the ONEKingsport Community Summit, led by former mayor Jeanette Blazier, focused on the creation of strong neighborhoods. One recommendation to facilitate this accomplishment was the creation of a Neighborhood Commission. The Neighborhood Commission is composed of twelve Kingsport citizens who will advise on and promote initiatives to […]


The Riverfront has a rich history in the development of Kingsport. A  recent resurgence in the area has sparked interest in a potential BLUEWAY to complement our GREENBELT. River Recreation is an economic driver – a recent TVA study has shown that 1 mile of shoreline = $1 Million in economic impact Outdoor recreation participants […]

downtown playground logo

The General Shale Complex has the potential to become a premier destination for Kingsport. In addition to Brickyard Park that brings in regional and national youth sports tournaments, the next phase will be to create a multipurpose outdoor venue. Potential uses include the following: Adventure racing Festivals Major concerts Benefit Walks/Runs Car shows Cross country […]

inventor center logo

Here’s the stats: 26% of cities have makerspaces, and 57% of adults consider themselves makers. For a 100 years, Kingsport has been a city of “Makers” and currently releases 2.5x the patents of Chattanooga. Providing a space where makers can collaborate on design ideas and fabricate products in the process of getting these inventions to […]

Bays Final Logo Brown

“Bays Mountain is our Crown Jewel and worthy of our Noblest Effort” – Jeff Fleming There are many opportunities to shine and polish this jewel beginning the journey with your initial entry into the park. Upgrades and Modernization are key to keeping this the most visited site in Kingsport. Bays Mountain is working towards a […]