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What’s Your Favorite Color in Downtown?

In case you don’t know, here’s what you need to know. Downtown Kingsport is the place to be. Just released is a brand new directory that highlights all the unique places in downtown. When you need a trendy, creative, urban place to go, this new directory boasts a fun-filled day or night in downtown Kingsport. […]

Goal Accomplished: She Rode All 32 Carousel Animals!

Lindsey Halker is a frequent visitor at the Kingsport Carousel. She obsessed about riding each carousel animal until she had eventually ridden every single one!  Once she completed riding them all, she bought her ‘I Rode ‘Em All’ t-shirt from the carousel gift shop. The Kingsport Carousel is a volunteer-led project completed in 2015. Over 300 […]

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Creed’s Watch: The City Garbage Truck

A follow up story to Highlighting Heroes Rodney Dye Ever since he was healthy enough to be outside, Creed has had a fascination with his city’s garbage truck and driver, Rodney Dye. Every week, Rodney comes by his house and it’s a dream come true for the young survivor. Rodney is a Kingsport Public Works […]

Tony Dingus

Highlighting Heroes: Kingsport Sign Technician with Special Talents

Tony Dingus – Sign Technician for City of Kingsport Tony has the experience and expertise to take his talents anywhere in the nation, but he chooses to stay in Kingsport. Throughout Kingsport, Joel, known to most as Tony or “Doc,” has a special role in keeping the city running smoothly. Doc is a Sign Technician […]

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ShowTime’s ‘Spirit of Kingsport’ Centennial Show

From 1988 – 2010 Kingsport’s ShowTime captivated audiences with high-energy, fun-filled, musical-variety performances. This year, Kingsport’s ShowTime will return to the Toy F Reid Auditorium stage to present special “Spirit of Kingsport” Centennial Performances on July 7, 8 and 9. The performances will highlight the history of Kingsport through ten decades of song and dance […]

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Get Your Play On

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your play on. This July, discover the power of play in Kingsport as we celebrate Park and Recreation Month. A variety of fun activities are planned for residents of all ages and abilities — including a one pitch softball tournament, disc golf tournament, croquet at Allandale, […]