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Bays Mountain Park Membership Fees Set To Increase

After holding steady for over a quarter century, Park membership fees are set to increase effective January 1, 2019. After much consideration at its August meeting, the Bays Mountain Park Association Board voted to approve the first increase in membership fees since June 1992. While each membership level awards free park entry and a 50% […]

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Neighborhood Commission Launches Toolbox to Celebrate Good Neighbor Week

The couple next door, the family up the street, the kids that wave to you as you drive by their yard—these are all your neighbors. Being someone’s neighbor isn’t always about proximity, and being a good neighbor means more than just living next door to someone. The Kingsport Neighborhood Commission is launching an online Neighborhood […]

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Series Of Talks, Workshops Scheduled For Sculpture Walk XI

Sculpture Walk XI takes on a new form with sculpture talks and hands on sculpture workshops. Rolling out as a series, the sculptures for Sculpture Walk XI will be installed separately over several months. The first of which will be installed on September 28, followed by a sculpture talk and workshop. The artist for the […]

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Artists, Arts Organizations, Creatives are Encouraged to Attend Keynote Speech of Tennessee Planners Association

Do towns and cities have personalities? If so, how do we describe them? Can our cities and towns – through their planning and design – be places that reflect the rich diversity of people who live in them? Tom Borrup, author of Creative Community Builders Handbook, will discuss these questions and more in his keynote […]

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Unveiling of Charles Vess Artwork

Join the Friends of the Kingsport Library on Monday, September 24th at 6:30 p.m. for the unveiling of artwork by award winning artist Charles Vess at the Kingsport Public Library. Vess has created two pieces of artwork for the Children’s section of the Kingsport Public Library. Attendees can meet Charles Vess, hear him share the […]

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Dobyns-Bennett String Quartets To Perform Free Concert At Bays Mountain Park

Enjoy the natural beauty of Bays Mountain Park from the Pavilion at Lily Pad Cove while listening to music played by the Dobyns-Bennett String Quartets. Members of the Dobyns-Bennett Orchestra make up the two Dobyns-Bennett String Quartets who will be performing in the pavilion on Saturday, September 22, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. The […]