KINGSPORT – Flying Pig Gallery & Studios is featuring Wes Venable as their artist of the month for March 2015.‚  His show, Transitions – Art is Life, will be exhibited through the end of the month with an artist reception on Friday March 13th from 5-7 pm.‚  It is free and open to the public.‚  Flying Pig Gallery & Studios is located at the corner of Center St and Broad St in Downtown Kingsport. Transitions – Art is Life will showcase Wess art from 2002 through today.

Wes grew up in Kingsport, just over the ridge this side of Indian Springs. His childhood ambition was to be an architect.‚  His father had taken up darkroom photography for a short time in his early childhood and Wes became fascinated with photography. By the time he was thirteen he had his own darkroom. He made photos for the yearbook in high school, and after a bit of indecision, Wes settled on photography as a college major.

His focus began to change from photography to painting but he couldnt quite let go of photography. In those days, he experimented with combining the two mediums, photography and painting.

Over the next ten years Wes would have four different jobs, (including painting full time in a gallery on Broad Street in Kingsport) get married and have a child. In 2003 he began working with his brother at his dads trucking company in Kingsport.

His art has continued to develop and still incorporates elements of photography – sometimes as source, sometimes as subject, and sometimes as medium.

According to Wes My work begins as an idea. Much as representational art seeks to mimic nature, I try to represent an idea or ideology with icons, elements of pop culture, or snips of the media. Sometimes a pun is a good stepping off point. While Im not trying to make religious or political statements, no subject is off limits. Art is life.

Flying Pig Gallery and Studios
246 Broad Street, Kingsport TN
[corner of Center Street and Broad Street]

For more information visit or call (423) 392-8414 or in person at the Flying Pig.

Flying Pig is an exciting new Arts Space located in two adjacent buildings located on the corner of Broad and Center streets in Downtown Kingsport, TN.‚  Flying Pig Gallery and Studios is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10 am-7 pm. The spirit of the Flying Pig is community. This is a space for creative people to be a vital part of the new Downtown Kingsport. Where dreams can come true and you can make a lot of good friends on the way.

The incredible revitalization of the neighborhood has been due to many creative and enthusiastic people.‚  The arts play an integral role in economic and community development. We want to recognize all the incredible talent there is in the entire Southern Appalachian region and also right here in the City of Kingsport. We have a wealth of cultural assets and want to showcase visual and performing art, fine craft, traditional craft, and fine art.

The gallery side features Fine Art and Fine Craft by several nationally-acclaimed artists & craftspeople. There are paintings, jewelry, pottery, textiles, photography and more. All artwork is for sale. There will be a series of art classes for children and adults offered to the public over the next few months.

The studio side features the Kingsport Carousel animals that have been hand-carved from wood, and then hand-painted.‚  The Carousel animals have been located in businesses throughout Kingsport over the past several months so that the public could see the animals that will go on to the Carousel when it is completed in 2015.‚  Now, all of the animals have been collected in one location open for the public to visit.‚  In addition to the Carousel animals, the Rounding Boards, Bird Paintings, and other Carousel components are also on exhibit.‚  Carvers and painters will be on hand to talk about the process of creating these beautiful animals, and to discuss the story behind each animal and how each component of the Carousel is tied to the Kingsport Community.‚  There is a Kingsport Carousel store (future gift shop) located within the studios with beautiful t-shirts, notecards, posters, and much more for sale.

Here’s a list of our upcoming events!

March 13th – Feature Artist of the Month Wesley Venable gallery reception

March 14th – Animal Parade to the Pal’s Roundhouse (Volunteers needed!!)

March 20th – 3rd Annual Brass Ring Gala featuring My New Favorites

March 21st & 22nd – Carousel Fine Craft Show

March 26th – Kickstarter Campaign Concludes

April 24th – Concert for the Carousel – The Steel Wheels featuring If Birds Could Fly