Built in 1955, the City of Kingsport’s Wastewater Treatment Plant has
experienced upgrades in 1965, 1982, and is currently undergoing a
continuous improvement process. The plant currently treats an average
of 9 million gallons of wastewater per day. The process includes
screening, grit removal, solids settling, biological treatment,
clarification, disinfection and solids stabilization.Wastewater Treatment Plant

An engineering study was completed in 2001 that outlined a multiphase
plant rehabilitation and upgrade plan. The study identified and ranked
plant deficiencies based on an assessment of plant equipment
performance, benchmarked current industry standards and State &
Federal permit requirements. Completion of the phases of this project
will replace nonfunctional equipment and provide upgrades that will
enhance plant performance.

In 2012, upgrades to the existing facility were completed. Click here to view a brochure (pdf file) of the upgrades.