As time has passed since the inception of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), non-point related sources of water pollution have come to the forefront. The point sources, or end-of-pipe, discharges have been permitted since the 1970’s and have become less of a detriment to the overall water quality picture. The non-point, or stormwater-generated contributions have become the primary concern in affecting the viability of the waters of the State. Examples are stormwater runoff from parking lots, residential and commercial developments (existing or under construction) and industries. The primary pollutants in these cases are sediments, oils and grease. The promulgation of the Stormwater Regulations by the EPA provides mechanisms to begin making continuous progress in minimizing the effects of these sources of pollution.

In Kingsport, the responsibility of implementing the requirements for improving non-point source water quality is spearheaded by the City’s Stormwater Engineer. He works in concert with staff representing Public Works, Development Services, Information Services, and the City Attorney’s office. Working together, this organisation provides a framework for compliance. This effort will ensure that the City of Kingsport is able to meet the requirements set forth in the regulations.

The local community will begin to see the effects through public outreach and education, ordinance enactment and citizen participation and feedback. With everyone’s help, Kingsport will realize further improvement in the area’s water quality.

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Stephen Robbins, PE
Stormwater Manager

Email: SteveRobbins [at] KingsportTN [dot] gov
Phone: 423-245-2167