To find out when your garbage is collected find your street in the alphabetized list of streets below in the left-hand column and the day of your garbage pick up will be listed in the right-hand column.The recently annexed area of Rock Springs will have their garbage collected on Wednesday.

Street Name Day Collected
Aaron Way Thursday
Abbey Rd. Thursday
Aberdeen Tr. Friday
Abilene Dr. Friday
Adair Ct. Thursday
Adams Av. Monday
Aesque St. East Tuesday
Aesque St. Ext. Tuesday
Aesque St. Tuesday
Afton St. Monday
Akers Av. Tuesday
Alameda Pl. Thursday
Alamo Pl. Monday
Alderwood Dr. Thursday
Allandale Cir. Monday
Allen Dr. Tuesday
Allgood Dr. Tuesday
Allgood Ln. Tuesday
Allgood St. Tuesday
Alpine Tr. Friday
Altamont Dr. Thursday
Amber St. Monday
Ambleside Rd. Monday
Ambridge Dr. Friday
American Way Friday
Amersham Cir. Monday
Amersham Rd. Monday
Andover Ct. Wednesday
Aneta Av. Tuesday
Apple Ct. Monday
Apple Grove Cir. (PVT) Thursday
Appleton Ct. Friday
Arbor Pl. Monday
Arbor Terrace Dr. Wednesday
Arbutus Av. Wednesday
Arch St. Tuesday
Arden Ln. Thursday
Ardmore Pl. Wednesday
Armstrong Av. Friday
Arrowhead Dr. Thursday
Arrowhead Tr. Friday
Ash St. Thursday
Ashfield Dr. Friday
Ashley St. Thursday
Ashwood Av. Thursday
Aston Ct. Wednesday
Aston Pl. Wednesday
Atoka Cir. Thursday
Atoka Ln. Thursday
Audie St. Tuesday
Aurawood Dr. Friday
Austin St. Tuesday
Autum Ln. Thursday
Avalon St. Thursday
Azalea Pl. Monday
Babbling Brook (PVT) Friday
Bagwell St. Friday
Bailey Ranch Rd. Wednesday
Baker St. Tuesday
Bancroft Chapel Rd. Friday
Bard Ln. Friday
Barger Pl. Friday
Barnes St. Thursday
Barnett Dr. Wednesday
Barnsley Pl. Monday
Barrington Ct. Thursday
Barton St. Monday
Bays Cove Cir. Monday
Bays Cove Tr. Monday
Bays View Ct. Tuesday
Bays View Rd. Tuesday
Bear Town Rd. Tuesday
Beechcliff Dr. Friday
Beechnut Dr. Friday
Beechwood Dr. Thursday
Bel Air Ln. Thursday
Bell Ridge Rd. Tuesday
Belle Forest Ct. Thursday
Bellingham Dr. Monday
Bellvue Av. Tuesday
Belmeade Dr. Wednesday
Belmeade Pl. Wednesday
Belmont Cir. Wednesday
Belmont Dr. Wednesday
Belvedere Ln. Thursday
Belvoir Ct. Wednesday
Belwood Tr. Friday
Bent Ct. Monday
Bent St. Monday
Berkeley Rd. Monday
Berkshire Ln. Friday
Bermuda Dr. Wednesday
Bernard Cir. Friday
Berry St. Thursday
Bert St. Tuesday
Beverly Hill St. Friday
Biarwood Rd. Friday
Big Echo Ct. Thursday
Birch St. Wednesday
Birchfield Ct. (PVT) Monday
Birchwood Rd. Monday
Birdwell St. Thursday
Biscayne Dr. Tuesday
Bishop St. Tuesday
Black Oak Dr. Monday
Blackheath Rd. Monday
Blackmore St. Monday
Blakemore Dr. Thursday
Blakewood Ct. Monday
Blakley Dr. Wednesday
Bloomingdale Pike Wednesday
Bloomington Dr. Tuesday
Blue Bell Dr. Wednesday
Blue Ln. (PVT) Friday
Bomitch Dr. Friday
Bonaire Rd. Monday
Bond Dr. Friday
Bond Ln. Friday
Bonita St. Friday
Booker St. Wednesday
Boone St. Tuesday
Borden St. Wednesday
Boulder Ct. Tuesday
Bowater Dr. Wednesday
Bowie Pl. Friday
Boyd Path Ct. Monday
Bradbury St. Monday
Bradley St. Thursday
Bramblewood Dr. Monday
Branch St. Tuesday
Branding Pl. Wednesday
Brandon Ln. Friday
Brandonwood Rd. Monday
Brandywine Rd. Monday
Breckenridge Tr. Friday
Brentan Tr. Monday
Brentford Ln. Friday
Briarcliff Rd. Friday
Bridwell St Thursday
Bridge St. Monday
Bridgewater Ln. Wednesday
Brighton Ct. Friday
Brightridge Dr. Wednesday
Brightwood Ln. Thursday
Broad St. Tuesday
Broadview St. Monday
Broadwood Dr. Tuesday
Brook St. Wednesday
Brookhaven Dr. Monday
Brookings Way Friday
Brookridge Dr. Friday
Brookwood Cir. Thursday
Brookwood Rd. Thursday
Bruce St. Thursday
Brumley St. Tuesday
Brunswick St. Monday
Bryan Ct. Monday
Buchelew Dr. Thursday
Buckingham Ct. Friday
Burgh Heath Dr. Monday
Burke Dr. Monday
Burns St. Tuesday
Burwind Ct. Tuesday
Busbee St. Friday
Butchers Dr. (PVT) Tuesday
C St. Thursday
Cain Tuck Rd. Friday
Caldwell St. Monday
Callie Ct. Wednesday
Cambridge Cir. Monday
Camden Dr. Tuesday
Camelia Av. Monday
Campbell St. Tuesday
Canon Gate Rd. Monday
Canova Ct. Friday
Canterbury Rd. Monday
Caribbean Dr. Wednesday
Carlisle Dr. Tuesday
Carnegie Ct. Wednesday
Carolina Av. Wednesday
Carr St. Tuesday
Carrington Ct. Tuesday
Carter St. Thursday
Carver St. Wednesday
Cascade Falls Ct. (PVT) Friday
Castle Oaks Dr. Thursday
Catawba St. Wednesday
Catlin Ct. Wednesday
Cedar Ct. Thursday
Ceder St. Tuesday
Cedar Crest Dr. Thursday
Cederwood Dr. Friday
Celtic Ct. Monday
Centerbrook Cir. Thursday
Central St. Thursday
Chadwick Dr. Tuesday
Charlemont Av. Tuesday
Charles St. Monday
Charley Rd. Monday
Charlotte St. Monday
Cherokee Village Dr. Tuesday
Cherry St. Wednesday
Chesapeak Ct. Friday
Chesterfield Dr. Thursday
Chestnut Hills Dr. Friday
Chestnut St. Wednesday
Chickasaw Rd. Friday
Childress Ferry Rd. Thursday
Chico Dr. Monday
Childress St. Tuesday
Chippendale Cir. Monday
Chippendale Rd. Ext. Monday
Chippendale Rd. Monday
Chippendale Sq. (PVT) Monday
Church Cir. Tuesday
Cimarron Dr. Friday
Cindy Pl. Monday
Circle View Thursday
Clairmont Pl. Tuesday
Clandon Dr. Monday
Clara Dr. Monday
Clark Av. Tuesday
Clarke Cir. Tuesday
Clayman Rd. Friday
Claymore Dr. Thursday
Clear Creek Cir. (PVT) Wednesday
Clearwater Dr. Friday
Clearwood Av. Tuesday
Cleek Rd. Friday
Cliffside Rd. Thursday
Clinchfield St. Tuesday
Clint St. Ext. Wednesday
Clint St. Wednesday
Clinton St. Tuesday
Cloister Ln. (PVT) Friday
Clonce Av. Tuesday
Clouds Ford Rd. Tuesday
Clover St. Thursday
Cloverdale Rd. Monday
Clyce St. Monday
Coal St. Tuesday
Cobblestone Pl. (PVT) Tuesday
Colfax Av. Tuesday
Colonial Ct. Thursday
Columbine Rd. Friday
Compton Terr. Tuesday
Conway St. Thursday
CooksArbor Ct. Friday
Cooks Inlet Rd. Friday
Cooks Landing Rd. Friday
Cooks Pt. Friday
Cooks Terr. Friday
Cooks Valley Rd. Friday
Cooper St. Tuesday
Coralwood Dr. Thursday
Cornerstone Pl. (PVT) Tuesday
Cory Way Thursday
Coventry Wynde Friday
Cox Trail Pl. Monday
Craighead Ln. Monday
Crescent Dr. Wednesday
Crest Rd. Thursday
Cross Creek Dr. (PVT) Friday
Cross St. Wednesday
Cypress St. Thursday
D St. Thursday
Dahlia St. Tuesday
Dale St. Alley Wednesday
Dale St. From Boone St. to E. Center St. Tuesday
Dale St. from E. Center St. to N. Wilcox Dr. Wednesday
Dalton St. Monday
Dan Gibson Dr. Thursday
Darbury St. Tuesday
Darby Ct. Monday
Davis St. Thursday
Dean St. Tuesday
Deer Creek Rd. (PVT) Monday
Deer Ridge Ct. Thursday
Deerfield Av. Tuesday
Deerwood Ln. Thursday
Deland Dr. Friday
Delawanna St. Monday
Delaware St. Monday
Dellwood St. Monday
Delrose Dr. from Arbutus Av. To Dead End Wednesday
Delrose Dr. from Spring Valley Dr. to Arbutus Av. Tuesday
Deneen Ln. Monday
Denison Av. Tuesday
Derwood Ct. Tuesday
Desoto St. Thursday
Devault St. Monday
Devonshire Ct. Monday
Dewey Av. Thursday
Dianna Rd. Wednesday
Dickerson St. Tuesday
Dickson Pl. Friday
Dillwyn St. Monday
Dixieland Dr. Monday
Dobyns Dr. Wednesday
Donelson Dr. Tuesday
Dora St. Tuesday
Dorothy St. Tuesday
Douglass St. Wednesday
Dover Dr. Friday
Drake Av. Tuesday
Droke Farm Pvt. Dr. Thursday
Drum Castle Av. Tuesday
Duke St. Tuesday
Dunbar St. Wednesday
Dundee Cir. Monday
Dupont Dr. Wednesday
E. Center St. from Watauga St. to Memorial Blvd. Thursday
E. Center St. from Watauga to E. Sullivan St. Wednesday
E. Sevier Av. From Eastman Rd. to Konnarock Rd. Thursday
E. Stone Dr.from John B. Dennis to City LimitsFridayE St. Thursday
Earl St. Tuesday
East Av. Monday
East Sullivan Ct. Wednesday
Eastern Star Rd. Friday
Eastley Ct. Monday
Eastley Rd. Monday
Eastline Dr. Friday
Eastwind Pl. Friday
Eastwood Av. Thursday
Echo Av. Monday
Echo Ct. Monday
Eden Roc Friday
Edward St. Tuesday
Elizabeth St. Tuesday
Elmwood Av. Tuesday
Emmett St. Monday
Emory Church Rd. Thursday
Ervin Ct. Wednesday
Essex Dr. Friday
Evans Carr Pl. Thursday
Exchange Ct. Friday
Exeter Pl. Tuesday
F St. Thursday
Fain Av. Tuesday
Fairdale Rd. Friday
Fairfield Av. Wednesday
Fairhaven Av. Friday
Fairidge Dr. Wednesday
Fairidge Pl. Wednesday
Fairlane Dr. Thursday
Fairlawn Dr. Thursday
Fairmont Av. Tuesday
Fairoaks Rd. Thursday
Fairview Av. From Mimosa Dr. to Peach Orchard Dr. Monday
Fairview Av. from Mimosa Dr. to W.Center St. Tuesday
Fairway Av. Monday
Fall Creek Rd. Thursday
Falling Water Ln. (PVT) Friday
Farragut Av. Thursday
Faye St. Monday
Federal Pl. Wednesday
Federal St. Wednesday
Ferndale Ln. Monday
Fernley Rd. (not open) Monday
Ferrell Av. Thursday
Feruson St. Tuesday
Fess Witt Pl. Wednesday
Fiddlers Way Wednesday
Flanders St. Tuesday
Fleenor Ln. Wednesday
Fleetwood Ct. Monday
Fleetwood Dr. Monday
Fletcher Av. Tuesday
Foothills Rd. Thursday
Floraland Dr. Thursday
Fontaine Ct. Monday
Forbes St. Tuesday
Ford Town Rd. Friday
Forest St. Wednesday
Forestdale Rd. Monday
Forrest Ridge Dr. Friday
Fort Henry Dr. Thursday
Fort Robinson Dr. Monday
Fountain Ln. (PVT) Friday
Fox Lair Pl. Friday
Fox Run Ct. Friday
Frank St. Tuesday
Franklin St. Tuesday
Fuller St. Thursday
Fulton Av. Tuesday
G St. Thursday
Gables Ct. (PVT) Thursday
Gables Pl. (PVT) Thursday
Garden Dr. Wednesday
Garmon Dr. Thursday
Garnett Dr. Friday
Gary Av. Monday
Gary St. Monday
George Ct. Wednesday
Gibson Mill Rd. Tuesday
Gibson Mill St. Tuesday
Gillenwater Dr. Tuesday
Gillespie Av. Monday
Gilliam St. Monday
Gilmer St. Monday
Gilmore St. Thursday
Gilrls Pl. Tuesday
Glademill Dr. Thursday
Glen Alpine Rd. Wednesday
Glen Av. Monday
Glenbrook Dr. Friday
Glendale Rd. Thursday
Gleneden Rd. Friday
Glenway Dr. (not open)  Friday
Glenwood St. Friday
Globe Av. Tuesday
Glory Rd. Thursday
Gloucester Ct. Friday
Golfridge Dr. Friday
Gordon St. Tuesday
Gott St. Thursday
Grace Dr. Friday
Graham St. Wednesday
Granada Ct. (PVT) Wednesday
Granby Rd. Tuesday
Grandview Ct. Thursday
Grandview St. Monday
Grassland Ct. Thursday
Gravely Rd. Tuesday
Green Ln. Thursday
Green Hills Dr. Thursday
Green Meadow Dr. Thursday
Green Spring Cir. Friday
Green Valley Dr. Friday
Greenfield Av. Wednesday
Greenfield Pl. Wednesday
Greengate Rd. Thursday
Greenvine Pl. Friday
Greenway St. Monday
Grove Hill Rd. Friday
Hale St. Wednesday
Halifax Dr. Monday
Hall St. Monday
Hamlin St. Monday
Hamlock Ln. Thursday
Hammond Av. Tuesday
Hampton Av. Tuesday
Hampton Green (PVT) Thursday
Hanover Ct. Friday
Harbor Chapel Rd. Friday
Harbor Cir. Friday
Harbor Dr. Friday
Harbor Springs Rd. Friday
Harding Rd. Thursday
Harold Hill Rd. Wednesday
Harris Av. Thursday
Harrison Av. Tuesday
Harte St. Wednesday
Harvey Brooks Dr. Monday
Harwich Pl. Monday
Havendale Rd. Monday
Hawaii St. Wednesday
Hawthorne St. Friday
Hazelnut Dr. Friday
Hazelwood Av. Friday
Heather Ln. Friday
Heatherview Ct. Thursday
Heatherly Rd. Monday
Hemlock Park Cir. Thursday
Hemlock Park Dr. Thursday
Hemlock Park Ln. Thursday
Heritage Ln. Friday
Hermitage Dr. from Eastman Rd. to E. Sevier Av. Thursday
Hermitage Dr. from Newbern Rd. to N. Eastman Rd. Wednesday
Hiara Dr. Monday
Hickory Hill Rd. Friday
Hidden Oak Cir. Friday
Hide-A-Way St. Thursday
High Ridge Rd. Monday
Highland St. Thursday
Highlea Dr. Thursday
Highpoint Av. Monday
Highpoint Cir. Monday
Highview Av. Monday
Hill Crest Dr. Thursday
Hillandale Dr. Thursday
Hillhurst Cir. Monday
Hillmont Dr. Tuesday
Hillsboro Cir. Monday
Hillshire Ln. Monday
Hilltop St. Thursday
Hiwassee Cir. Thursday
Hiwassee Dr. Thursday
Hollis St. Monday
Holly Ln. (PVT) Monday
Holly St. Monday
Hollywood Dr. Tuesday
Holston St. Tuesday
Holyoke St. Wednesday
Horse Creek Ln. (PVT) Wednesday
Houston Av. Thursday
Howard St. Monday
Hull Dr. Thursday
Hunter Ln. Thursday
Huntington Ct. Monday
Huntington Pt. (PVT) Monday
Huntington Woods Cir. Monday
Hurd Rd. Tuesday
Hyde Pl. Thursday
Idle Hour Rd. Wednesday
Ina Ln. Thursday
Ingle St. Thursday
Inglewood Dr. Friday
Ingram St. Friday
Inwood Dr. Friday
Iris Dr. Tuesday
Island Rd. Friday
Jackson Pl. Tuesday
Jackson St. Tuesday
James St. Wednesday
Jefferson Av. Thursday
Jennifer St. Monday
Jennings Dr. Monday
Jerry St. Wednesday
Jersey St. Tuesday
Jessee St. Thursday
Joann Dr. Friday
John Gaines Blvd. Friday
Johnson St. Tuesday
Julip Dr. Thursday
June Dr. Friday
Kanan Dr. Wednesday
Karen Rd. Monday
Keller St. Monday
Kendrick’s Creek Rd. Thursday
Kenmore Dr. Thursday
Kenridge St. Thursday
Kensington Ln. Friday
Kent St. Friday
Kenwood Rd. Thursday
Kerns St. Monday
Kimbark Ln. Monday
King St. Wednesday
Kingfisher Ct. Thursday
Kings Bay Dr. Monday
Kings Rd. Wednesday
Kingsland Ct. Friday
Kingston Ct. Wednesday
Kinkead Rd. Monday
Kinsler Av. Tuesday
Kinsley Ln. (PVT) Tuesday
Kite St. Friday
Knollwood Ln. Wednesday
Konnarrock Rd. Thursday
Kyle St. Tuesday
LaSalle St. Tuesday
Lafayette Cir. Thursday
Lake St. from Fairview Av. To Fain Av. Tuesday
Lake St. from Stonegate Rd. to Fairview Av. Monday
Lake Park Dr. Thursday
Lake Valley Ct. Friday
Lake Valley Dr. Friday
Lakeland Dr. Friday
Lakeside Dr. Friday
Lakewood Rd. Monday
Lakota Pl. Friday
Lamasa Dr. Friday
Lamberth St. Friday
Lambeth Pl. Monday
Lammar Ct. Wednesday
Lamont St. Wednesday
Lane Dr. Monday
Larry St. Friday
Laurel St. Thursday
Laurelpond Ln. Wednesday
Laurelwood Dr. Wednesday
Laurelwood Pl. Wednesday
Lawndale Cir. Thursday
Lawrence St. Monday
Lawson Dr. Monday
Lazy Ln. Thursday
LeAmiron Dr. Tuesday
Leaf Point Wednesday
Leaside Dr. Thursday
Lebanon Rd. Thursday
Ledges Dr. Friday
Lee St. Tuesday
Leedy Rd. Friday
Lewis Ln. Monday
Lexington Ln. Friday
Lilac St. Monday
Lincoln St. Wednesday
Linden Rd. Thursday
Linville St. Wednesday
Little St. Wednesday
Little Echo Ct. Thursday
Livesay Dr. Monday
Lochiel Ct. Friday
Lochwood Cir. Monday
Lochwood Rd. Monday
Locust St. Friday
Lodge Pine Walk Wednesday
Lomax St. Tuesday
Longreen Rd. Monday
Longview Ln. Wednesday
Longview St. Wednesday
Lookout Dr. Thursday
Louis St. Wednesday
Louita Av. Monday
Lovedale Dr. Tuesday
Lowell Dr. Monday
Luray Pl. Monday
Lynda Ln. Friday
Lynn Av. Monday
Left side of Lynn Garden Dr. Monday
Right side of Lynn Garden Dr. Tuesday
Lynnwood Rd. Monday
Madison Av. Tuesday
Madison St. Tuesday
Magnolia St. Wednesday
Malabar Dr. Wednesday
Malcolm Ln. Tuesday
Malvern Ct. Monday
Malvern Rd. Monday
Manderley Rd. Monday
Manor Ct. Monday
Manor Ct. Monday
Manor Dr. Monday
Maple Oak Ln. Wednesday
Maple St. Wednesday
Marcum Av. Tuesday
Martin St. Tuesday
Mary St. Monday
Massengill Dr. Tuesday
Matilda Pl. Friday
Maxwell Av. Thursday
May Av. Monday
Mayfield Av. Tuesday
McConnell Ln. Monday
McConnell Rd. Tuesday
McCoy St. Thursday
McGee St. Monday
McKenzie Dr. Tuesday
Meadow Ln. Thursday
Meadow Rd. Thursday
Mellon St. Monday
Melody Ln. Tuesday
Melrose Av. Thursday
Melrose Ln. Wednesday
Melvin St. Tuesday
Memorial Blvd. from Fort Henry Dr. to N. John B. Dennis Thursday
Memorial Blvd. from N. John B.Dennis to Island Rd. Friday
Memorial Ct. Thursday
Merrywood Av. Friday
Michelham Dr. Monday
Middlebrook Dr. (PVT) Wednesday
Midfield Av. Tuesday
Midland Dr. Wednesday
Midview Pl. Tuesday
Midview St. Tuesday
Milam St. Tuesday
Mill Pond St. Tuesday
Miller St. Thursday
Millye St. Thursday
Milton Ct. (PVT) Friday
Mimosa Dr. Tuesday
Minton Pl. Tuesday
Minton St. Tuesday
Mission St. Tuesday
Mitchell Rd. Friday
Mitchell Rd. (County) Friday
Moccasin St. Tuesday
Montclair Rd. Thursday
Monterey Av. Thursday
Monticello Pl. Monday
Montrose Av. Thursday
Morison Av. Tuesday
Morningside Cir. Wednesday
Morningstar Ct. Friday
Morningstar Dr. Friday
Morrell Ct. Friday
Mountain Dr. Friday
Mountain View Av. Friday
Mowdy Rd. Friday
Mt. Ida Pl. Tuesday
Mull St. Monday
Mullins St. Tuesday
Myrtle St. Wednesday
N. Eastman Rd. Thursday
N. Morgan St. Thursday
Nall St. Thursday
Nassau Dr. Wednesday
Nathan St. Thursday
Need Ham Dr. Thursday
Nelms Ln. Tuesday
Nelson St. Tuesday
Netherland Inn Ln. Monday
Netherland Inn Rd. Monday
Netherland Terr. Monday
New Beasonwell Rd. Friday
New Moore Rd. Wednesday
Newbern Rd. Wednesday
Nickleby Ct. Wednesday
Nicole Pl. Monday
Noble St. Tuesday
Nola Ln. Thursday
Norfolk Pl. Friday
Norma Dr. Friday
Norris Av. Tuesday
North Rd. Thursday
Northwood Pl. Tuesday
Northwood Rd. Friday
Norwich Pl. Friday
Norwood St. Wednesday
Nottingham Ct. Monday
Oak Drive Cir. Tuesday
Oak Glen Dr. Tuesday
Oak Tree Ln. Thursday
Oak St. Wednesday
Oakdale Rd. Thursday
Oakland St. Monday
Oakley Pl. Thursday
Oakmont Dr. Thursday
Oakview St. Thursday
Oakwood Dr. Thursday
OglewoodDr. Thursday
Oklahoma Cir. Friday
Old Castle Rd. Monday
Old Cooks Valley Rd. Friday
Old Ham Ct. Friday
Old Island Trail Friday
Old Mill Ct. Thursday
Old Mill Rd. Thursday
Old Muddy Creek Rd. Friday
Olterman Dr. (PVT) Monday
Olympian Way Tuesday
Orbin Dr. Tuesday
Orchard Ct. Wednesday
Orchard Pl. Wednesday
Orebank Rd. Friday
Orleans Rd. Tuesday
Ormond Dr. Thursday
Osage Dr. Wednesday
Overlook Rd. Thursday
 Oxford Ct. Friday
Pace St. Tuesday
Palomino Dr. Friday
Panay Rd. Wednesday
Pansy Dr. Thursday
Parham Pl. Monday
Paris Av. Tuesday
Park Dr. Tuesday
Park St. Thursday
Parkcliff Dr. Thursday
Parker Dr. Tuesday
Parkerson Dr. Thursday
Parkridge Dr. Monday
Patrick Ct. Monday
Patterson Rd. Wednesday
Patton St. Monday
Pawnee Ct. Thursday
Peach Orchard Dr. Monday
Pear St. Friday
Pearl Ln. Thursday
Pearl St. Wednesday
Pebble Ct. Tuesday
Pecktal St. Wednesday
Peery St. Tuesday
Pembroke St. Monday
Pendleton Pl.(PVT) Friday
Pendleton St. Monday
Pendragon Rd. Monday
Perry St. Tuesday
Perwinkle Pl. Friday
Phoenix Ct. (PVT) Wednesday
Pickens Cir. Monday
Pickens Rd. Friday
Pickwick Ct. Wednesday
Piedmont St. Wednesday
Pierce St. Thursday
Pine St. Wednesday
Pinebrook Dr. Wednesday
Pinebrook Pl. Wednesday
Pinecone Cir. Wednesday
Pinecone Needle Path Wednesday
Pineola Av. Wednesday
PinewoodPl. Friday
Plainview St. Thursday
Plantation Rd. Tuesday
Pleasant Av. Wednesday
Pleasley Rd. Monday
Polk St. Thursday
Poplar St. Wednesday
Post St. Wednesday
Potato Hill Rd. Wednesday
Powers St. Tuesday
Preston Ct. Friday
Preston Park Friday
Preston Pl. Friday
Primrose St. Tuesday
Prospect Dr. Wednesday
Providence Pt. Friday
Pueble Dr. Thursday
Pul Pit Cir. Friday
Putnam St. Tuesday
Quail Pt. Thursday
Queensbury Ct. Monday
Quillen St. Tuesday
Quincy Ct. Friday
Rabbit Run Tr. Friday
Radcliffe Av. Wednesday
Raintree Dr. Tuesday
Ramsey Av. Tuesday
Randolph St. Thursday
Ransome Ln. Tuesday
Ravenwood Dr. Friday
Ravine Rd. Tuesday
Reardon Ln. Monday
Rector Dr. Tuesday
Red Oak Ln. Thursday
Red Oak Plantation Dr. Thursday
Redbud Cir. Thursday
Redbud Dr. Thursday
Redwood Dr. Wednesday
Reedy Creek Rd. Thursday
Reedy Pl. Tuesday
Reedy St. Tuesday
Reese St. Wednesday
Renaissance Sq. (PVT) Friday
Rick Slaughter Ct. Wednesday
Ridgecrest Av. Tuesday
Ridgecrest Cir. Tuesday
Ridgefields Rd. Monday
Ridgeline Dr. Friday
Ridgeview St. Thursday
Ridgeway Dr. Friday
Rippling Branch (PVT) Friday
River Edge Ct. Monday
River Edge Dr. Monday
River Edge Pl. Monday
Rivermont Cir. Monday
Rivermont Ct. Monday
Rivermont Dr. Monday
Riverside Av. From Mimosa Dr. to Lake St. Monday
Riverwoods Pl. Monday
Roan Ct. Monday
Roan St. Monday
Roanoke Hill (PVT) Tuesday
Robalee St. Monday
Robertson St. Tuesday
Robin Ln. Tuesday
Rock Rose Cir. Friday
Rock Springs Rd. Wednesday
Rockford St. Thursday
Rockwell Pl. Thursday
Rockwood Pl. Friday
Rocky Branch Rd. Thursday
Rocky Branch Rd. Thursday
Rocky Hill Ln. Monday
Roderick Ct. Wednesday
Rogan St. Monday
Roller St. Tuesday
Rolling Dr. Friday
Ronald Dr. Friday
Rose St. Tuesday
Rose Tree Ln. Wednesday
Rosebrook Ct. Friday
Rosefield Dr. Tuesday
Ross St. Wednesday
Rotherwood Dr. Monday
Rufus Rd. Tuesday
Russell St. Wednesday
Rustic Way Friday
S. Morgan St. Thursday
Sand St. Monday
Sandlewood Dr. Wednesday
Sandpiper Cir. Thursday
Sanford Dr. Thursday
Sassafras Ct. Monday
Saxon Rd. Monday
Scotland Rd. Monday
Scott Co. Rd. Tuesday
Scott Dr. Wednesday
Seaver Rd. Wednesday
Sequoyah Dr. Tuesday
Sevier Av. From Holston St. to Tennessee St. Tuesday
Sevier Av. From Tennessee St. to N. Eastman Rd. Wednesday
Sevier Terrace Dr. Tuesday
Sewanee Av. Tuesday
Shady Dr. Wednesday
Shady View Rd. Wednesday
Shamrock St. Thursday
Sharondale Av. Tuesday
Shaw St. Tuesday
Sheffield St. Friday
Shepparton Ln. Friday
Sheringham Ct. Friday
Sherman Pl. Tuesday
Sherry St. Wednesday
Sherwood Pl. Thursday
Sherwood Rd. Thursday
Shipley St. Thursday
Shipp St. Wednesday
Shirley St. Monday
Short St. Tuesday
Silver Ct. Friday
Sir Echo Dr. Thursday
Siverdale Rd. Monday
Sky Dr. Tuesday
Sky Line Av. Friday
Sky South Tuesday
Sky Vista (PVT) Friday
Skyland Cir. Friday
Skyland Dr. Friday
Skyland Falls Ct. (PVT) Friday
Skyland Ln. Friday
Sloan St. Wednesday
Sourmash Dr. Monday
South Page Pl. Monday
South Rd. Thursday
South Ridge Pl. Thursday
South River Dr. (PVT) Monday
Southcote Dr. Friday
Spenlow Ct. Wednesday
Spring Brook Dr. Thursday
Spring Creek Wynd. Friday
Spring Ln. Thursday
Spring St. Thursday
Spring Valley Dr. Tuesday
Springdale Ln. Friday
Springfield Av. Wednesday
Springleaf Ct. Wednesday
Spruce St. Thursday
St. Charles Pl. Monday
St. Eric’s Ct. Wednesday
Stadium Dr. Thursday
Stafford St. Monday
Stagecoach Rd. Friday
Stagshaw Ln. Monday
Stapleton Dr. Tuesday
Starling Dr. Monday
Starnes St. Tuesday
Steadman St. Thursday
Steeple Chase Ct. Friday
Steeple Chase Dr. Friday
Sterling Ln. Friday
Stillwater Ct. (PVT) Friday
Stillwood Av. Friday
Stillwood Ct. Friday
Stinson Cir. Wednesday
Stone Ct. Thursday
Stone Edge Cir. Tuesday
Stone Edge Dr. Tuesday
Stonegate Rd. Monday
Stoneview Ln. Monday
Stonewall St. Monday
Stratford Rd. Friday
Strickland Ct. (PVT) Monday
Stuart Dr. Friday
Suffolk Ct. Friday
Suffolk St. Friday
Sullivan Gardens Pkwy. Wednesday
Summer St. Wednesday
Summer Hills Ct. Thursday
Summit Dr. Friday
Summit Oaks Cir. Thursday
Suncrest Dr. Monday
Sundale Ln. Monday
Sundown Dr. Friday
Sunningdale Rd. Monday
Sunny Pl. Friday
Sunpoint Dr. Monday
Sunrise Ct. Monday
Sunset Av. Monday
Surmount Ct. Monday
Susan Cook Pl. Friday
Sussex Dr. Friday
Swannanoa Av. Thursday
Sweetbriar Rd. Tuesday
Sycamore St. Thursday
Tacoma Rd. Thursday
Talbert Cir. Friday
Tall Oak Ct. Thursday
Tallwood Dr. Friday
Tanglewood Dr. Friday
Taylor Ln. Tuesday
Teasel Dr. Tuesday
Telstar Dr. Friday
Tennessee St. from Dale St. to Sevier Av. Tuesday
Tennessee St. from Sevier Av. To Watauga St. Wednesday
Tenneva Dr. Monday
Tenneva Pl. Monday
Terry Dr. from Chico Dr. to Dead End Tuesday
Terry Dr. from Hall St. to Chico Dr. Monday
Thackeray Ct. Wednesday
Thad Rd. (PVT) Monday
Thornton Dr. Thursday
Thornwood Pl. Monday
Tiffany Ct. Thursday
Timberidge Tr. Monday
Timberlake Ln. Friday
Timbers Edge Ct.(PVT) Friday
Timbers Edge Trce. (PVT) Friday
Timberwood Cir. Monday
Tip Top Av. Monday
Todds Dr. Monday
Tomahawk Dr. Thursday
Tompkins St. Tuesday
Trace Ct. Thursday
Tranbarger Dr. Tuesday
Tree Top Dr. (PVT) Friday
Trent St. Tuesday
Tri-Cities Crossing Friday
Triangle Cir. Friday
Trinity Ln. Friday
Truxton Dr. Tuesday
Tyson Ln. Tuesday
Underwood Ct. (PVT) Wednesday
Union St. Monday
Union Way St. Thursday
Unionhill St. Monday
University Blvd. Monday
Upland Dr. Thursday
Upper Ledges Dr. Friday
Upton St. Monday
Valley St. Wednesday
Van Oaks Dr. Tuesday
Vance St. Thursday
Velma St. Tuesday
Virgil Av. From Bertha Greer St. to Lynn Garden Dr. Monday
Virgil Av. From Bertha Greer to Clouds Ford Rd. Tuesday
Virgina St. Tuesday
Virginia Av. Thursday
W. Stone Drive from Riverside Av. To Clinhfield St. Tuesday
Wabash St. Wednesday
Wakefield Pl. Wednesday
Walker St. Tuesday
Wall St. Tuesday
Walnut Av. Tuesday
Waltz Ln. Thursday
Wampler St. Monday
Wandering Dr. Friday
Wanola Av. Tuesday
Ward Av. Wednesday
Ward Pl. (PVT) Wednesday
Warpath Dr. Thursday
Warrior Falls Dr. Thursday
Washington Av. Thursday
WataugaSt. From Crescent Dr. to E. Center St. Thursday
Watauga St. from Chuch Cir. To Gibson Mill Rd. Tuesday
Watauga St. from Gibson Mill Rd. to Crescent Dr. Wednesday
Wateree St. Wednesday
Watterson St. Monday
Waverly Rd. Wednesday
Weeks Av. Tuesday
Welk Rd. Tuesday
Wellington Blvd. Monday
Wesley Rd. Thursday
West Av. Monday
West Carters Valley Rd. Tuesday
West Manor Ct. Monday
West Stone Dr. from University Blvd. to Union St. Monday
West Sullivan St. Tuesday
West Virginia Av. Monday
Westminister Pl. Thursday
Westmoreland Av. Thursday
Westwind Dr. Monday
Wheatley St. Wednesday
Whipoorwill Ln. Tuesday
Whispering Way Thursday
White St. Wednesday
Whitley Dr. Wednesday
Widener Rd. Thursday
Wiembley Dr. Friday
Wilburn Dr. Thursday
Wilcox Dr. Wednesday
Wildwood Dr. Friday
Williams Rd. Tuesday
Willmary Dr. Friday
Willow St. Wednesday
Willowbend Ct. Wednesday
Willowbend Dr. Wednesday
Willowbend Ln. Wednesday
Willowbend Pl. Wednesday
Willowbrook Ct. Wednesday
Willowbrook Dr. Wednesday
Willowbrook Trce. Wednesday
Willowcrest Pl. Wednesday
Wilma St. Monday
Wilmont Dr. Thursday
Winchester Ln. Monday
Windridge Dr. Friday
Windsor St. Tuesday
Windy Pl. Friday
Wingate Rd. Wednesday
Winston Dr. Monday
Wohlford Pl. Thursday
Wood Ct. Thursday
Wood Eden Dr. Tuesday
Wood Green Ln. Monday
Woodbine St. Monday
Wooddale Cir. Thursday
Woodfern Pl. Friday
Woodhaven Dr. Friday
Woodland Av. Monday
Woodleaf Ln. Wednesday
Woodmere Dr. Thursday
Woodmont Av. Tuesday
Woodoak Dr. Thursday
Woodridge Av. Friday
Woodside Dr. Thursday
Wynfield Ct. Thursday
Yadkin St. Wednesday
Yale Sq. Friday
York St. Thursday