Tower of Remembering - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture

“Tower of Remembering” by Bob Pulley

“Tower of Remembering is an abstract sculpture measuring 9.5 tall x 4 deep x 3 wide made of high-fired stoneware.  Its stony surface, varied textures and earthy colors combine with subtle references to the human figure as well as a general sense of organic growth and energy to suggest the power of nature in all things.  The geologic references as well as the “stone wall” look of the segments lend a sense of  duration of time and of growth energy striving against forces of age and decay.”

My mother inspired my early creative endeavors.  She was a na¯ve artist and loved drawing, painting and crafts.  In college I discovered that one could actually study art for credit.  While in student teaching I met a couple that demonstrated that adults could lead a creative lifestyle and be an artists.  It was a revelation to me and I resolved that whatever decisions I made in life, making a space for my art would be a top priority.  Since then I have operated a pottery studio, worked in a small factory, taught art in public schools for 32 years and always maintained a studio, exhibited and sold my art.

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“Tower of Remembering” by Bob Pulley is now part of the Guide by Cell tour.  To hear from the Artist please press 109#. To hear from our curator, Hank Foreman, please press 209#.

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