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Quinn Public Art
Quinn by Trace O’Connor

Quinn is a ‘concept model for a potential larger piece.  OConnors Iscariot is the winner of the 2009 Rosen Sculpture competition in Boone, NC.  That sculpture took 1000 hours and weights over 4200 lbs.  The pieces in this series all include a Renaissance feeling with powerful movement.

OConnor is a self-taught artist who remembers a kindergarten art lesson as his jumping off point for his career.  He has always made compound shapes: duck bills, ribbons, flowing hair, fan shapes, etc.  He is inspired by nature.  “I get lost sometimes when I look at the structured growth of a piece of deer antler or slow motion crash of an ocean wave.  Two old trees so close that theyve almost grown together, the complexity of the simplest hydrogen molecule or the uncanny visual similarity of insects and deep sea life.   All we can do is attempt to imitate and reassemble while respecting her boundaries.”

OConnor answers the age-old question “Why?” with one of his own “Why not?  What else are you to do with your life?  Im smart, young, willing and capable.  Thats why.  Im smart enough to know the difference.  Im young enough to know what 110% is.  Im willing to make sacrifices and Im capable of accomplishing anything to which I apply myself.  What Im not willing to do is pass up opportunity.  One of my favorite quotes as stated by philosopher Bruce Lee “… as how the sculptor, who does not keep adding clay to his statue, but instead strips away the inessentials until the truth is revealed.”