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Northwest Public Art

Northwest Passage III by Greg Bailey

Greg Bailey was born and raised in the California Bay Area.  His love of sculpture started with his grade school “clay days,” as he waited eagerly for each annual day of working with clay. He majored in art at Sonoma State University and graduated with honors in ceramic sculpture.  He received his MFA from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. He taught a wide range of classes during and after achieving his MFA degree.  Bailey currently works as an Assistant Professor at Connecticut College, teaching Sculpture and 3-D design classes.  Bailey specializes in large-scale installations, transforming spaces with his artwork.  He incorporates motion, sounds, and a wide range of media into his sculptural installations.  Working with fiberglass resin, castplastics, steel, bronze and many other sculpture medias, Greg aims to challenge his audiences perception of space and time.

Artist Statement:

“The theme of my artwork is my intellectual and emotional response to the predictions of the future regarding the planetary sustainability of human life.  Following an intuitive process of observation and research, I am able to create my artwork.  By examining world trends, current attitudes, environmental issues and humans ability to rationalize, I gain a vision that is often foreboding, anxious and filled with uncertainty.  My artwork is designed to challenge my audience both intellectually and emotionally through the use of formal elements, the use of space and the titles of my pieces.”