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Moire Public Art

Moire by Marvin Tadlock

The motivation for Moire was twofold. To begin I have always had a faxcination with wind powered kinetic sculpture. Additionally, I am very attracted to moir patterns; those patterns that occur when looking simultaneously through two linear patterns such as bars, grids or screens. This sculpture generates moir patterns in the upper disc in wo ways: when the viewer moves; and, when the sculpture moves. Interestingly the patterns also change as the viewer approaches or moves away from the piece.

From Tadlock: “ Creating sculpture is my passion. As a Professsor of Art at Virginia Intermont College, I have made my living for the past thirty-six years teaching, making art and helping others to discover, enjoy, and make art. My heores are David Smith, Edward Klenhols, Claes Oldenburg (earlier work), and Lewis Grizzard. My preferences are rusty steel over bronze or marble, tee shirts and jearns over suits, Tuesdays over Sundays and show me rather than tell me. I love dogs, nature, storms, humor, passion for a cause and fire. I prefer contemporary art above art fromt eh past, peace above war and religion with room for human failty.

Tadlock received his BFA and MFA from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and his Doctor of Education from the University of Georgia, Athens. He has been the Chairperson of the Art Department at Virginia Intermont since 1972. His work can be found in numerous indoor and outdoor sculptures in private collections throughout southeast United States.