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Public Art Mandala

Mandala by Kenneth Jarvis

This sculpture is titled “Mandala.”  It is meant to be a 3-dimensional representation of mandalas like that found in many eastern religions.  Mandalas are typically used for meditation.  This piece is meant to invoke a sense of stability and balance.  It is made from steel and cast iron.

From Jarvis:  “My work is a journey that centers on the expression of relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds and the balance between the two.  I believe that these two essences cannot exit independently of each other.  For me the physical world of matter is the vessel and foundation for the spiritual existence.  With out the physical the spiritual could not manifest itself and without the spirit the material world  would be lifeless.”

Jarvis was born in Raleigh, NC and grew up in Holly Springs, NC.  He earned his BFA from East Carolina University in 1998 and then went on to live in Eastern Europe in the country of Estonia, where he attended Estonia Academy of Art.  There he was an active artist participating in many international exhibitions and symposia.  Upon returning from the states he earned his MFA from ECU and then went on to teach at Craven Community College, ECU and is currently moving to Asheville, NC.