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Linear 1 by Jarrett Hawkins

Part of an ongoing series, Linear I contains a variety of complex and subtle spatial relationships that are enhanced by the changing light conditions over the course of any given day. Forms may appear to illusively recede, project, or combine with other parts of the sculpture depending on lighting and viewpoint. The line of an edge can become a plane, and then a volume as viewers move around the sculpture.

From Hawkins: “My work has always been based in natural processes most fundamentally the natural mechanics of human vision as demonstrated though line and pattern, figure and ground. The kinds of form implicit in this approach are also common in the larger natural world, i.e. the shapes of erosion and accretion or the meander of a stream or river. The sequence of form change in plant growth and the accommodations plants make to one another, e.g. vines twining around a tree or growing over stones is also a reference point in my process of making.

Hawkins started his sculpture career in the early 1970s as a stone sculptor. He stopped producing art in the late 70s and taught himself how to make custom cabinetry and furniture. While running a custom furniture studio for 10 years, Jarrett also renovated a Victorian row house and did a variety of historic renovation work. He began his return to art making in the late 1980s after a serious shop injury brought his business to a halt. Today, Jarrett and his partner Celene Hawkins, also a sculptor own and operate HHC a collaborative studio with a full foundry and metalworking shop, woodworking facility and stone yard.