Kavanaugh - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture

“Kavanaugh Himself” by Jim Collins

Inniskeen Road: July Evening
Patrick Kavanagh
The bicycles go by in twos and threes –
There’s a dance in Billy Brennan’s barn tonight,
And there’s the half-talk code of mysteries
And the wink-and-elbow language of delight.
Half-past eight and there is not a spot
Upon a mile of road, no shadow thrown
That might turn out a man or woman, not
A footfall tapping secrecies of stone.
I have what every poet hates in spite
Of all the solemn talk of contemplation.
Oh, Alexander Selkirk knew the plight
Of being king and government and nation.
A road, a mile of kingdom. I am king
Of banks and stones and every blooming thing.

The inspiration for this sculpture came from this poem by the famous Irish Poet Patrick Kavanagh of County Monaghan.   He seem to always travel a different road from others, so I made this stainless steel sculpture of Kavanagh riding not a bicycle, but a Unicycle, and on his head a King’s Crown.

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