Intersections - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture

“Intersections Revisited” by Roger Halligan

I call my new series of sculptures “the Land Buoys”.  They are influenced by my love of the Neolithic standing stones Ive seen in Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall and my life changing move to downtown Chattanooga, from rural North Carolina.  The visual stimuli of my new downtown life include many non verbal cautionary symbols.  Railroad track markers and crossings, river buoys and other warnings are a larger part of my daily existence.  My new sculptures reflect that.  I believe they may even function in some similar manner to the ancient megaliths that fascinate me so.  They go beyond the activation of space and designation of place and represent directions and cautionary tales.

I make my art with steel and concrete.  The constraints and freedoms of our culture make these materials as available, accessible and as reasonable for me to use as were the giant stones used by my Neolithic ancestors at sites like Carnac, Avebury or Stonehenge.  My need for making these works is similar I feel to those of my Neolithic ancestors.  It is about creating an object that not only activates our sensual, physical environment but also invites the viewer to respond to and discover whatever meanings they might find through the associations they make with it.

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Intersections Revisited is now part of the Guide by Cell tour.  To hear from the Artist please press 101#. To hear from our curator, Hank Foreman, please press 201#.

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