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Hobie Public Art

Hobie’s Dilemma by Douglas Gruizenga

Douglas Gruizenga received both his B.S.degree in Art Education and his M.A. in Art Practice from Western Michigan University. His primary emphasis at Western was in cast and welded metal sculpture. He assisted in the construction of much of the foundry equipment, and coordinated pours of up to 2200 pounds of sculpture in a single day.  Gruzienga also has experience in plaster, ceramics, wood, concrete, and composites, and his work has been selected for numerous exhibits and installations.

Artist Statement:

“It has been my assumption that, for much of our lives, we are greatly influenced by utilitarian objects created in the minds of men and women. We have developed an affinity to the principles of composition, design, and function of man-made items. Due to each individuals unique history and genetic make-up, there are countless interpretations of the logic of form andfunction. My sculptures study the absolutes and variables of form. Each sculpture has a basis in real objects that I have observed to be visually stimulating.I then vary the composition and the relationships between the design elements, inan attempt to understand the universal truths about composition and function.  It is my hope that my sculpture will be pleasing to the eye without limiting the viewers creative ability to interpret the subject matter involved.”