Farmstead - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture

“Farmstead” by Rudy Rudisell

 Vague overtures to the psychosexual ramifications of good bourbon and long drives in the country.  Images on the shoulders of other images, moving, always moving, in transition, transcending, changing, always changing.  Drawn from visual memory; from subconscious connections with the relationship of physical elements to their symbolic implications; personal, cultural, and historical.

Fleeting time, change, erosion, implosion, explosion, divestiture, mergers, rust and renewal.  Common, uncommon, bland, dull, repetitive, fresh, new, the same; only different.  Microseism, mirror, challenge, threat; so many days so little time. Comfort cousin, discomfort sister, today never comes.


Freezing time, each object – specific to itself – a fragment of the continuum of production.  Light scatters, gathers, darkness comes and goes.  Eyesight, hindsight, blindside, upside down banana.

Guide by Cell:(423) 200-3205 5#

The Sculpture Walk is proud to introduce “Guide by Cell”.  This new feature is a automatic tour guide that will guide you through the Sculpture Walk V tour.  Just call 423-200-3205 to access sculpture numbers for more information on each piece.

Farmstead is now part of the Guide by Cell tour.  To hear from the Artist please press 105#. To hear from our curator, Hank Foreman, please press 205#.

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