Enigma - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture

“Ender’s Enigma” by Davis Whitfield

Davis Whitfield from Mountain City, TN created “Enders Enigma”.   Davis has a BFA in Painting and Sculpture from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS.

Davis is an apprentice to Wayne Trapp whose piece “Red Kinetic” is also in the show.

‘Enders Enigma was inspired by the novel ‘Enders Game by Orson Scott Card and examines the tendency for humanity to destroy that which it does not understand.

Davis father wanted him to study biology and take over the family business and Davis spent several years studying entomology (bugs) especially in cotton fields

.  We might see that influence in this piece which certainly has some organic qualities.


Guide by Cell:

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Ender’s Enigma is now part of the Guide by Cell tour.  To hear from the Artist please press 106#. To hear from our curator, Hank Foreman, please press 206#.

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