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Embrace Public Art

Embrace by Samuel Burns

Samuel Burns spent two years in commercial photography with Norling Studios in High Point, NC. He also designed and constructed animal exhibits for ten years for the NC Zoological Park as well as designed model construction as part of the parks construction plans. In 1984, Burns created his own company, designing and building artificial rock and waterscapes for private as well as commercial projects.  For the last 5 years, Burns has tapped into his creative side through sculpture and photography. His work has been exhibited in several galleries including the Hollis Gallery and 1918 Studio & Gallery, both located in Chattanooga, and the Art Exchange in Hot Springs, AR.

Artist Statement:

“I was originally trained in photography but over the years, sculpture has become a big influence in my artwork.  My work exposes a distorted reality originating from contemporary myth and deep-rooted traditional legend, and explores the varying scales of abstraction. Working in both photography and sculpture has shown me the similarities between the two, in the way light and shadow play an important part in the appearance and feel of the finished piece. The process of cutting and welding abstract shapes into three-dimensional forms is very personal and gratifying.”