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Eat the Rain by Andrew Yff

Andrew Yff graduated from Towson University inTowson, MD with an MFA in Studio Sculpture. His work is currently on display in exhibitions and juried shows around the country. He stays busy designing and creating sculptures, sculptural furniture, outdoor sculpture, gates and window grates, forged candle holders and book ends, and more. In 2007, he worked with the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts on the Baltimore Sculpture Project handling the outdoor sculpture site preparation and installation of 39 pieces.

Please visit www.AndrewYff.com

Artist Statement:

“Eat the Rain is an outdoor, “rain activated” sculpture. It is the second in a series of outdoor pieces titled “Compartments of the Sky”, a concept originally used in a painting. One of the criteria is for the sculpture to be viewed from below and using the sky as a background. I am able to use lightweight metal tubing as the structure, enhanced with fiberglass and spoons. The spoons make up the activated portion, as paddles on a wheel that turns by funneled rain water, collected and directed to points above the wheels. Fiberglass is used for the dishes that collect the rain. The gimmick is that for the sculpture to be activated, it has to be raining, and when it is raining there are not a lot of people outside looking at sculpture. The sculpture has visual potential when it is viewed on sunny days, and one may leave with an unanswered question; “What is up with the spoon wheels?” My hope is that Eat the Rain is interesting, engaging and fun.”