Comet - Kingsport Public Art Sculpture
Comet by Phil Proctor

Comet is a single axis kinetic sculpture that was designed and fabricated in 2008.  The kinetic sculpture demonstrates a relationship between objects and forces in our physical environment; in this case, stone and wind.  This kinetic sculpture successfully demonstrates the concept forms in space as they relate to energy.

From Proctor: “I enjoy working with “solid” materials like metal and stone and I try to use them in a manner that accommodates the natural tendencies of those materials.  I utilize the colors and textures that occur as a result of natural oxidation and patination.  This technique makes my outdoor sculpture virtually maintenance free while simultaneously exhibiting quality of earthliness and wholeness.  For many years I have been executing sculpture that embodied the concept of energy and physical space.  Recently, however, I have taken that static concept to a new kinetic plane by integrating moving elements that emphasize the idea of energy.”

Proctor holds a BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MFA from East Carolina University.  He has been living and working in southeast Atlanta for the past five years.  Proctor has permanent sculpture installations throughout the southeast as well as in other countries across Western Europe.


In 2003 Proctor was commissioned by a private development group in conjunction with the City of Atlanta and Marta to design and construct a public artwork, Linkage, which now stands at the Lindbergh City Center Marta station.  In 2008 Proctor received another commission from the city of Atlanta to design and build a 22 tall kinetic sculpture for South Bend park scheduled for installation in mid 2009.