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Bridge Bench Public Art

Bridge Bench by Greg Mueller

Bridge Bench serves a social need by allowing viewers to climb opposing sides; providing a place for dialogue and unity.

 From Mueller: “My work proposes that sculpture can serve a social need. This passion drives the transformation of reclaimed, disparate material into thematically unified spaces that celebrate the inherent spiritual qualities of cast and reclaimed metal.”

Mueller received his BS-Studio Art at St. Johns University in Minnesota, and an MFA-Sculpture at the Montana State University School of Art. He taught sculpture for the past 6 years at the Bowling Green State University School of Art in Ohio, and is currently working on commissions for the Annunciation Monastery in Bismarck, North Dakota and the new Lucas County Hockey Arena in Toledo, Ohio with his public art team of Ganz, Mueller and Williams. Mueller and his dance collaborator, Tammy Starr, are also collaborating on a new work that synthesizes dance and sculpture.