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Breaking Away Public Art

Breakaway by Bill Brown

My art is about seeking to translate inspiration into tangible expression. Translating the reality of heart, soul and thought into artwork that joins matter and spirit.

As the transformations of life and art continue, my approach to the materials I use has gone through a metamorphosis, from being a focal point, to becoming secondary to the voice of the artwork itself. My most recent transformation has been in letting go of the three dimensional and spending some time turning to painting on canvas or panel using acrylic and mixed media to challenge my creative voice. I believe that whatever the materials and processes used, my most honest work is the result of getting out of my own way and being open to the artistic journey.

From Brown: “I was fortunate to grow up with a daily connection to the arts; exposed to, and participating in, the creative process with established and emerging artists. This foundation of artistic experience and knowledge began my life-long exploration. I have been a full time studio sculptor from 1978 to the present. I divide my artistic energy between creating individual sculptures, and sculptural commission work. My work is included in private collections throughout North America. Museum exhibitions, invitational, and gallery shows have included examples of my sculpture.”